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110209 | Morrisons | W1/10-0413-P Conclusions and Recommendations | Agenda Reports Pack (Public) 09/02/2011

Extract from Agenda Reports Pack (Public) 09/02/2011, 09:30 (Planning Officers Report to Strategic Planning Meeting of Cornwall Council Wednesday 9th February 2011)


Application number: W1/10-0413-P
Site address: Jewson Site, Carnsew Road, Hayle
Proposal: Demolition of existing building and construction of retail
foodstore, formation of car parking, pedestrian links and
vehicular access from Carnsew Road to service the car park,
service yard area, and works to and within the listed building
Parish: Hayle
Applicant: Actoris Ltd
Target date for
22 July 2010
Reason for application
being called to
Major application. Whilst scale of site area does not exceed
commercial development thresholds of 10,000 square
metres or 2 hectares, the application is one of four
concurrent supermarket applications, the three other
applications do exceed the thresholds.
Departure: No
Electoral Division Hayle North
Electoral Divisional
Councillor John Pollard
Recommendation Refusal

13. Conclusion
13.1 Whilst it is acknowledged that the proposed development has resolved the not
inconsequential heritage constraints presented by the site, it is considered that
there are over whelming policy implications that have not been resolved. These
include the sequential assessment whereby it is considered that the South Quay
site represents a site which is favourable due to its proximity to the town centre
and ability to make safe and successful links between South Quay and the
established town centre. Furthermore concerns are expressed as to the potential
for the proposed development to harm the regeneration of South Quay.

13.2 The traffic implications of the proposed development are potentially significant
when assessed together with the traffic which could be generated by the extant
planning permission for South Quay. In this respect it is considered that the
development would present significant impacts in terms of potential congestion
and highway safety.
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14. Recommendation:

Refusal for the following reasons:
1. The proposal is in an edge of centre site as defined by Planning Policy
Statement 4 – Planning for Sustainable Economic Growth (PPS4). There is an
adjacent sequentially preferable site in an edge of centre location at South
Quay which has not been demonstrated to be other than viable, suitable and
available for development of a supermarket. The proposal thus fails to comply
with the requirements of the sequential approach set out in PPS4 policy EC15
and should be refused in accordance with policy EC17.1 (a) of PPS4. The
proposal also is contrary to Regional Planning Guidance South West policy
EC6 which requires a sequential approach to location of retail development,
Cornwall Structure Plan policy 11 which prioritises regeneration of urban
areas and town centres and Cornwall Structure Plan policy 14 which gives
priority to the improvement and enhancement of town centres and requires
retail development to be in or adjoining town centres where they can help
sustain the centre’s viability and vitality, contribute to the town centre
environment in an accessible location. The proposal is contrary to Penwith
Local Plan policy TV16 which requires major retail development in town
centres or edge of centre sites where no town centre sites exist.

2. The proposal has not demonstrated that the increased level of traffic
movements generated by the proposed supermarket will have no significant
harmful impact on the safe and convenient use of the local road network. Nor
has the proposal demonstrated that it will be possible to provide a safe and
efficient access from the B3301 to the main visitor car park of the proposed
supermarket. The proposal has failed to demonstrate that it will be possible
to provide a safe, attractive and convenient pedestrian and or cycle route
from the proposed supermarket to the Foundry town centre. The proposal is
therefore contrary to Planning Policy Statement 1 – Delivering Sustainable
Development where the policy statement relates to design at Paragraph 35
and in particular to the provision of connections between people and places
by considering the needs of people to access jobs and services. The proposal
also conflicts with Planning Policy Guidance Note 13 – Transport objective to
promote accessibility to jobs, shopping, leisure facilities and services by
public transport, walking and cycling as well conflicting with Regional
Planning Guidance - South West policies VIS2 in terms of provision and
enhancement of networks for walking and TRAN10 in terms of developing
safe, attractive and convenient cycle and pedestrian routes. The proposal also
conflicts with Cornwall Structure Plan policies 27, 28 and Penwith Local Plan
policies GD2(v) where these relate to the provision of pedestrian and cycle
routes and contribute towards a safe and effective highway network.

3 The proposal does not accord with the aim of Planning Policy Statement 1 –
Delivering Sustainable Development set out at Paragraph 27 (viii) to bring
vacant and underused previously developed land back into use. The proposal
has the effect of harming the potential delivery of committed development on
South Quay which would regenerate a significant part of the harbour to the
benefit of the town in terms of heritage and urban regeneration. Therefore
the proposal conflicts with Planning Policy Statement 4 – Planning for
Sustainable Economic Growth policy EC16(c) due to the harmful impact on
delivery of an allocated site and should be refused planning permission as set
out in Policy EC17(b).
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