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110715 | Cornwall Council - Hayle Supermarkets

From Cornwall Council- Last updated: 14/07/2011 (unfortunately no RSS feed for this page is available so I have to take snapshots as I can)

Hayle Supermarkets

This page provides links to background information that is common to the supermarket applications in Hayle being considered by Cornwall Council.

The page also offers links to the details of each planning application and to the reports prepared for the Strategic Planning committee.

The reports, minutes and resolutions of the Strategic Planning Committee are published in full on the Council and Democracy web pages which can be reached by following the links below.

Outcome of Strategic Planning Committee meeting 2nd June 2011

In relation to all three applications it was considered that currently there was insufficient information available to enable Members to make a decision at the present time.

The committee resolved that a future report be prepared for the 22nd September 2011 Strategic Planning Committee meeting and that dates for presentations to Members be arranged for all of the applications, at least a week prior to this date.

Committee Reports 2 June 2011 - Strategic Planning Committee

Committee Reports 9 February 2011 - Strategic Planning Committee

Public Meeting 19 January 2011

Members Technical Briefing

Hayle Town Council

Minutes of Council meeting 20 January 2001

Planning Applications

To view the details of each supermarket planning application being considered in Hayle, please make a note of the individual reference number listed below and type it into the search box on the Online Planning Register. This will take you to the relevant planning application details.

  • Morrisons, Carnsew Road - W1/10-0413
  • Sainbury's, Marsh Lane - PA10/04297 (Refused permission 9 February 2011)
  • ING, South Quay - PA10/08142
  • ASDA, Marsh Lane - PA10/06932
  • Proposed new Rugby Cub, Carwin Rise - PA10/08329


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