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121213 | The decision to construct a footbridge between Penpol and South Quay has been taken | Hayle Harbour

Harbour Footbridge Consultation

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13th December 2012

The decision to construct a footbridge between Penpol and South Quay has been taken. The consultation has begun to decide which is the best option in terms of location and function.


In December 2010 ING submitted an application for a mixed-use redevelopment of South Quay and Foundry Yard.

The application was approved by the Strategic Planning Committee in October 2011 and formally consented in June 2012.

The outline proposals included a pedestrian footbridge over Penpol Creek linking South Quay to Penpol Terrace. The approved bridge is to be sited mid-way along South Quay.

The bridge is an important element in the regeneration of Hayle and will provide a pedestrian link to Foundry and Penpol. The footbridge will encourage pedestrian circulation between South Quay, Penpol, Foundry and North Quay.

A fixed type bridge is proposed in the planning permission (Option 1).

Three other options are possible; each has benefits and challenges to overcome.

The proposed location of the bridge and the fixed nature of the bridge needed further consultation.

The planning process is approved for the footbridge - we have consent for Option 1, but there are other options available.

The South Quay Planning Consent and the subsequent S106 Agreement allowed for other bridge locations and solutions to be considered, which is the purpose of this consultation

ING will build Option 1 - if residents prefer the other options ING will contribute part of the total cost.

ING is obliged to deliver Option 1, but Residents can choose to prefer a different option - However these other options will cost more money and funding might not be achievable.

In the event that Options 2, 3 or 4 are preferred, ING will deposit the funds for Option 1 with Cornwall Council in an Escrow Account.

For all other options except Option 1 Cornwall Council will be the delivery partner, hence Cornwall Council are extremely keen to consult with the residents of Hayle now.

Comments can be directed in writing to Mr Dave Slatter c/o Cornwall Council, Council Offices, Dolcoath Avenue, Camborne, TR14 8SX Or

The Closing Date for comments is 5.00pm 11th January 2013

>> Click here to Download the Harbour Footbridge Consultation document as a PDF.

Penpol Bridge