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140811 | PA14/05328 | Erection of 17 dwellings | Westwood Timber Supplies 1 Trenawin Lane Connor Downs Hayle Cornwall TR27 5JG

PA14/05328 | Erection of 17 dwellings | Westwood Timber Supplies 1 Trenawin Lane Connor Downs Hayle Cornwall TR27 5JG

Reference: PA14/05328
Alternative Reference: N/A
Application Received: 06 Jun 2014
Address: Westwood Timber Supplies 1 Trenawin Lane Connor Downs Hayle Cornwall TR27 5JG
Proposal: Erection of 17 dwellings
Status: Withdrawn
Appeal Status:
Appeal Decision:


Application Validated Date: 20 Jun 2014
Actual Committee Date:
Latest Neighbour Consultation Date: 25 Jun 2014
Neighbour Consultation Expiry Date: 16 Jul 2014
Standard Consultation Date: 25 Jun 2014
Standard Consultation Expiry Date: 16 Jul 2014
Last Advertised In Press Date: 04 Jul 2014
Latest Advertisement Expiry Date: 25 Jul 2014
Last Site Notice Posted Date: 04 Jul 2014
Latest Site Notice Expiry Date: 25 Jul 2014
Decision Issued Date: 11 Aug 2014
Determination Deadline: 19 Sep 2014
Case Number :PA14/05328

 Name or DetailReceived Date
Certificate of Ownership10/06/2014
 Name or DetailReceived Date
Sensitive Development Questionnaire06/06/2014
 Name or DetailReceived Date
Contaminated land survey phase 1 (part 1)06/06/2014
Contaminated Land Survey Phase 1 (part 2)06/06/2014
Contaminated Land Survey Phase 1 (Part 4)06/06/2014
Contaminated Land Survey Phase 1 (Part 3)06/06/2014
Sensitive Development Questionnaire06/06/2014
Sensitive Development Questionnaire06/06/2014
 Name or DetailReceived Date
Bat and Barn Owl Assessment Part 106/06/2014
Bat and Barn Owl Survey Part 206/06/2014
 Name or DetailReceived Date
Notice of withdrawn application11/08/2014
 Name or DetailReceived Date
Newspaper planning notice10/06/2014
Notice under article 6 of application for planning permission10/06/2014
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DSD 250313-0-2A10/06/2014
DSD 250313-0-110/06/2014
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DSD 250313-0-4A10/06/2014
DSD 250313-5-310/06/2014
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DSD 250313-1-106/06/2014
DSD 250313-5-106/06/2014
DSD 250313-6-106/06/2014
DSD 250313-8-106/06/2014
DSD 250313-7-106/06/2014
DSD 250313-12-106/06/2014
DSD 250313-13-106/06/2014
DSD 250313-14-106/06/2014
DSD 250313-17-106/06/2014
DSD 250313-15-106/06/2014
DSD 250313-3-110/06/2014
DSD 250313-9-110/06/2014
DSD 250313-10-217/06/2014
 Name or DetailReceived Date
DSD 250313-9-406/06/2014
DSD 250313-6-306/06/2014
DSD 250313-8-406/06/2014
DSD 250313-13-306/06/2014
DSD 250313-1-306/06/2014
DSD 250313-3-306/06/2014
DSD 250313-3-406/06/2014
DSD 250313-9-306/06/2014
DSD 250313-6-406/06/2014
DSD 250313-1-306/06/2014
DSD 250313-2-306/06/2014
DSD 250313-7-306/06/2014
DSD 250313-10-406/06/2014
DSD 250313-12-406/06/2014
DSD 250313-13-406/06/2014
DSD 250313-13-406/06/2014
DSD 250313-14-306/06/2014
DSD 250313-14-406/06/2014
DSD 250313-7-406/06/2014
DSD 250313-10-306/06/2014
DSD 250313-15-406/06/2014
DSD 250313-17-306/06/2014
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DSD 250313-17-206/06/2014
DSD 250313-3-206/06/2014
DSD 250313-6-206/06/2014
DSD 250313-9-206/06/2014
DSD 250313-1-206/06/2014
DSD 250313-2-206/06/2014
DSD 250313-5-206/06/2014
DSD 250313-8-206/06/2014
DSD 250313-7-206/06/2014
DSD 250313-12-206/06/2014
DSD 250313-14-206/06/2014
DSD 250313-10-206/06/2014
DSD 250313-0-3A10/06/2014
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DSD 250313-0-506/06/2014
DSD 250313-0-5 A27/06/2014
 Name or DetailReceived Date
DSD 250313-0-6A10/06/2014
DSD 250313-0-508/07/2014
 Name or DetailReceived Date
CFA Infrastructure Planning25/06/2014
M Traven01/07/2014
Mr Barker08/07/2014
Environment Agency09/07/2014
Mrs Shirley Knowles14/07/2014
Fire and Rescue Service - Graham Hughes14/07/2014
Fire and Rescue Service14/07/2014
 Name or DetailReceived Date
Site check (Part 1)06/06/2014
Sitecheck Data (Part 3)06/06/2014
Sitecheck Data (Part 2)06/06/2014
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Viability Assessment for Affordable Housing Part 206/06/2014
Viability Assessment for Affordable Housing Part 306/06/2014
Viability Assessment for Affordable Housing Part 106/06/2014
Quotation letter06/06/2014
 Name or DetailReceived Date
Design and Access Statement to construct the 17 dwellings06/06/2014
 Name or DetailReceived Date
Notice from newspaper06/06/2014
PA14/05328 | Erection of 17 dwellings | Westwood Timber Supplies 1 Trenawin Lane Connor Downs Hayle Cornwall TR27 5JG

PA14/05328 | Public Comments (6) Consultee Comments (12)

Mrs frances winsor (Objects)

Comment submitted Sun 20 Jul 2014

I object to anymore new building in Connor Downs, we have more than enough. ACCESS Angarrack Lane is a very fast & dangerous lane as it is without extra traffic ~ BEFORE ~ DURING & AFTER the build. 17 DWELLINGS = 30 + cars in addition to visitors & commercial traffic there. TOP OF THE ROAD. The junction from the main road is dangerous as it is, as traffic then comes on to the lane it accelerates as a "lovely straight stretch" IT HAS A 30MPH SPEED LIMIT. !!! SITE ENTRANCE also dangerous, very difficult to see driving out as well as when walking the dog from Trenawin Lane. PAVEMENTS none either side, bad enough with existing traffic let alone increased. SCHOOL Connor Downs is already full ~~currently the over spill is being "bussed" to Gwinear AT OUR EXPENSE & THERE IS LITTLE OR NO SPACE THERE. For these reasons I object to this build & anymore that might / will follow. Thank you.

Mrs Lynn Ward (Objects)

Comment submitted Sat 28 Jun 2014

To whom it may concern Regarding this planning application, I wish to put my views regarding this, firstly Residential Amenity: Sewerage pipes not fit for any further usage Connor Downs Primary school, full to capacity, No footpaths down Angarrack Lane, Need a car to get anywhere,which leads to Traffic & Highways The extra properties would lead to more cars on Angarrack Lane, this would then cause a problem as previously mentioned no footpaths on Angarrack Lane, Children walk to school to get the school bus, which is not wide enough for two cars to pass and therefore this would I feel could prove an accident in waiting. Previous application both Cornwall council and parish council refused on the grounds that I have mentioned. Also the sewerage problem is how it would join the main drain, Prouts lane was previously mentioned, but proof of ownership could not be proved, so how will this problem be overcome. And if this application is approved how will the building contractors get on site, Angarrack lane not wide enough for lorries and materials and the noise would also not be acceptable. I hope you take my comments into consideration. Yours sincerely Mrs l m Ward

M Travis (Neutral)

Comment submitted Wed 02 Jul 2014

See associated document

Mrs V Chadwick (Objects)

Comment submitted Thu 03 Jul 2014

My reasons for objection have not changed since the original application by Mr Fitzgerald numbered PA13/03122 and I reiterate my objections hereunder. I write again in respect of the application by the above named person. My views are (a) that this development is not suitable for this parcel of land as Angarrack Lane is just that - a lane - and certainly not wide enough for two vehicles to pass by one another. (b) This site lies outside the existing village boundary to Connor Downs. (c) Visibility for traffic emerging from the side roads in Angarrack Lane is already a problem as although there is a 30mph speed restriction, many motorists ignore this speed restriction. (d)Traffic has considerably increased down through Angarrack Lane since the construction of the Marks & Spencer, Next and Boots buildings. (e)The junction at the top of Angarrack Lane has a blind spot, where you have to be extremely careful when joining the Gwinear Road. (f) There are no pavements and no facility for them. (g) As these proposed dwellings will presumably house families, does the school have spaces for these children? Finally, records show that in 1990 a planning application was refused on land at "Traleste", 3 Angarrack Lane, Connor Downs. Nothing in Angarrack Lane has changed since then! I understand that the boundary of Connor Downs ends at Angarrack Lane, has this changed, if so when, and why were we not told. I do not think that Angarrack Lane is suitable for any further development. Yours faithfully, V Chadwick (Mrs)

Mr Barker (Objects)

Comment submitted Wed 09 Jul 2014

Letter Scanned.

Mrs S Knowles (Objects)

Comment submitted Fri 18 Jul 2014

Please see documents tab above

Tree Officer

Comment Date: Tue 08 Jul 2014

Thank you for your consultation. I visited the site on the 8th July 2014. There are no significant arboricultural constraints on which I need to make any comments. Should planning permission be approved for development of this site, consideration should be given to soft landscaping, planning conditions and a suitable informative to inform the landscape design process. Oliver Bennett Tree Officer

Fire And Rescue Service West

Comment Date: Fri 18 Jul 2014

Further to your letter dated 25 June 2014 regarding the above planning application, this Authority makes the following observations: Access For Fire Appliances- Access for fire appliances within the site ill be considered satisfactory providing it complies with Part B5 of the Building Regulations, 2000. Water Supplies- Adequate water supplies for Firefighting purposes will be achieved by: - Complying with the requirements as detailed in the attached W100 guidance notes... (Please See Scanned document)

Affordable Housing

No consultee comments have been received

Highway Development Management - West

Comment Date: Wed 16 Jul 2014

I have visited the site and considered the plans, I have the following highway comments:- I recommend that visibility splays are secured onto Angarrack Lane to allow intervisibility between cars exiting Trenawin Lane and approaching vehicles on Angarrack Lane. The initial section of Trenawin Lane would also require surfacing, drainage and footway. I would recommend this is detailed on the plans. To enable an adaquate safe route for pedestrians, I recommend that a surfaced route is provided along Prouts Lane, this would also allow wheelchairs and pushchairs to use this route. I recommend this is included in the red line boundary. Please re-consult with amended plans.

Environmental Health Planning Liaison

Comment Date: Mon 07 Jul 2014

SR14_008742 From the information submitted by the developer it appears that the site has some contaminated land issues that will require further work to address. Based on the work carried out by the developer Environmental Protection recommends that the following planning condition is attached to any grant of planning permission: 'Unless otherwise agreed by the Local Planning Authority, development other than that required to be carried out as part of an approved scheme of remediation must not commence until criteria 1 to 2 have been complied with. If unexpected contamination is found after development has begun, development must be halted on that part of the site affected by the unexpected contamination to the extent specified by the Local Planning Authority in writing until criteria 3 has been complied with in relation to that contamination. Criteria 1: Submission of Remediation Scheme A detailed remediation scheme to bring the site to a condition suitable for the intended use by removing unacceptable risks to human health, buildings and other property and the natural and historical environment must be prepared, and approved in writing, by the Local Planning Authority. The scheme must include all works to be undertaken, proposed remediation objectives and remediation criteria, timetable of works and site management procedures. The scheme must ensure that the site will not qualify as contaminated land under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 in relation to the intended use of the land after remediation. Criteria 2: Implementation of Approved Remediation Scheme The approved remediation scheme must be carried out in accordance with its terms prior to the commencement of development other than that required to carryout remediation, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The Local Planning Authority must be given two weeks written notification of commencement of the remediation scheme works. Following completion of measures identified in the approved remediation scheme, a verification report (sometimes referred to as a validation report) that demonstrates the effectiveness of the remediation carried out must be produced, and is subject to the approval in writing of the Local Planning Authority. Criteria 3: Reporting of Unexpected Contamination In the event that contamination is found at any time when carrying out the approved development that was not previously identified it must be reported in writing immediately to the Local Planning Authority. An investigation and risk assessment must be undertaken in accordance with best practice and where remediation is necessary, a remediation scheme must be prepared in accordance with the requirements of criteria 1, which is subject to the approval, in writing, of the Local Planning Authority. Following completion of measures identified in the approved remediation scheme a verification report must be prepared, which is subject to the approval in writing of the Local Planning Authority in accordance with criteria 2. Reason: To ensure that risks from land contamination to the future users of the land and neighbouring land are minimised, together with those to controlled waters, property and ecological systems, and to ensure that the development can be carried out safely without unacceptable risks to workers, neighbours and other offsite receptors in accordance with the aims and intentions of the National Planning Policy Framework 2012 with specific reference to paragraphs 109 and 120.' John Osborn Environmental Protection Officer

Children Schools And Families

Comment Date: Wed 25 Jun 2014

Please see documents tab for associated comments.

Environment Agency

Comment Date: Tue 08 Jul 2014

Environment Agency position Our position remains unaltered from the previous application at this site (PA13/03122). I have repeated this below for ease of reference. We concur with the recommendation for a Phase 2 intrusive investigation made with ASI Ltd report no A807/P1/JW dated 24 May 2013. Previous activities on site may have resulted in contamination of soils and groundwater. In order to secure appropriate characterisation and assessment of risk to controlled waters, we recommend the inclusion of the following condition on the planning permission. Condition No development approved by this planning permission (or such other date or stage in development as may be agreed in writing with the Local Planning Authority), shall take place until a scheme that includes the following components to deal with the risks associated with contamination of the site shall each be submitted to and approved, in writing, by the local planning authority: 1) A preliminary risk assessment which has identified: o all previous uses o potential contaminants associated with those uses o a conceptual model of the site indicating sources, pathways and receptors potentially unacceptable risks arising from contamination at the site. 2) A site investigation scheme, based on (1) to provide information for a detailed assessment of the risk to all receptors that may be affected, including those off site. 3) The results of the site investigation and detailed risk assessment referred to in (2) and, based on these, an options appraisal and remediation strategy giving full details of the remediation measures required and how they are to be undertaken. 4) A verification plan providing details of the data that will be collected in order to demonstrate that the works set out in the remediation strategy in (3) are complete and identifying any requirements for longer-term monitoring of pollutant linkages, maintenance and arrangements for contingency action. Any changes to these components require the express written consent of the local planning authority. The scheme shall be implemented as approved. Reason To protect controlled waters. Condition If, during development, contamination not previously identified is found to be present at the site then no further development (unless otherwise agreed in writing with the local planning authority) shall be carried out until the developer has submitted a remediation strategy to the local planning authority detailing how this unsuspected contamination shall be dealt with and obtained written approval from the local planning authority. The remediation strategy shall be implemented as approved. Reasons To protect controlled waters. Advice to applicant - Pollution Prevention We refer the applicant to the advice contained within our Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPGs), in particular PPG6 - Working at construction and demolition sites which can be viewed on our website via the following link: We also advise that the use or disposal of any waste should comply with the relevant waste guidance and regulations.

South West Water Services

Comment Date: Thu 26 Jun 2014

I refer to the above application and would advise that South West Water has no objection.

Natural England - Consultations

Comment Date: Tue 01 Jul 2014

Natural England is a non-departmental public body. Our statutory purpose is to ensure that the natural environment is conserved, enhanced, and managed for the benefit of present and future generations, thereby contributing to sustainable development. The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended) The Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010 (as amended) Natural England's comments in relation to this application are provided in the following sections. Statutory nature conservation sites - no objection Based upon the information provided, Natural England advises the Council that the proposal is unlikely to affect any statutorily protected sites or landscapes. Protected species We have not assessed this application and associated documents for impacts on protected species. Natural England has published Standing Advice on protected species. The Standing Advice includes a habitat decision tree which provides advice to planners on deciding if there is a 'reasonable likelihood' of protected species being present. It also provides detailed advice on the protected species most often affected by development, including flow charts for individual species to enable an assessment to be made of a protected species survey and mitigation strategy. You should apply our Standing Advice to this application as it is a material consideration in the determination of applications in the same way as any individual response received from Natural England following consultation. The Standing Advice should not be treated as giving any indication or providing any assurance in respect of European Protected Species (EPS) that the proposed development is unlikely to affect the EPS present on the site; nor should it be interpreted as meaning that Natural England has reached any views as to whether a licence may be granted. If you have any specific questions on aspects that are not covered by our Standing Advice for European Protected Species or have difficulty in applying it to this application please contact us at with details at Page 2 of 2 Local sites If the proposal site is on or adjacent to a local site, e.g. Local Wildlife Site, Regionally Important Geological/Geomorphological Site (RIGS) or Local Nature Reserve (LNR) the authority should ensure it has sufficient information to fully understand the impact of the proposal on the local site before it determines the application. Impact Risk Zones for Sites of Special Scientific Interest Natural England has recently published a set of mapped Impact Risk Zones (IRZs) for Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs). This helpful GIS tool can be used by LPAs and developers to consider whether a proposed development is likely to affect a SSSI and determine whether they will need to consult Natural England to seek advice on the nature of any potential SSSI impacts and how they might be avoided or mitigated. Further information and guidance on how to access and use the IRZs is available on the Natural England website. Biodiversity enhancements This application may provide opportunities to incorporate features into the design which are beneficial to wildlife, such as the incorporation of roosting opportunities for bats or the installation of bird nest boxes. The authority should consider securing measures to enhance the biodiversity of the site from the applicant, if it is minded to grant permission for this application. This is in accordance with Paragraph 118 of the National Planning Policy Framework. Additionally, we would draw your attention to Section 40 of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act (2006) which states that 'Every public authority must, in exercising its functions, have regard, so far as is consistent with the proper exercise of those functions, to the purpose of conserving biodiversity'. Section 40(3) of the same Act also states that 'conserving biodiversity includes, in relation to a living organism or type of habitat, restoring or enhancing a population or habitat'. Landscape enhancements This application may provide opportunities to enhance the character and local distinctiveness of the surrounding natural and built environment; use natural resources more sustainably; and bring benefits for the local community, for example through green space provision and access to and contact with nature. Landscape characterisation and townscape assessments, and associated sensitivity and capacity assessments provide tools for planners and developers to consider new development and ensure that it makes a positive contribution in terms of design, form and location, to the character and functions of the landscape and avoids any unacceptable impacts. We would be happy to comment further should the need arise but if in the meantime you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us. For any queries regarding this letter, for new consultations, or to provide further information on this consultation please send your correspondences to We really value your feedback to help us improve the service we offer. We have attached a feedback form to this letter and welcome any comments you might have about our service.

Devon & Cornwall Police Architectural Liaison Officer

Comment Date: Mon 14 Jul 2014

Re Planning application PA14/05328 | Erection of 17 dwellings | Westwood Timber Supplies 1 Trenawin Lane Connor Downs Hayle Cornwall TR27 5JG Dear Mr Content, Thank you on behalf of Devon and Cornwall Police for the opportunity to comment on this application. With regards to this I would like to make the following comments for your consideration based on the principles of Secured By Design (See The principles have been proven to achieve a reduction of crime risk by up to 75%, by combining minimum standards of physical security and well-tested principles of natural surveillance and defensible space. Thank you on behalf of Devon and Cornwall Police for the opportunity to comment on this application. I can confirm we have no objections in principle to this proposal. However the layout as previously does raise some questions from a designing out crime perspective. Principally the position of the front doors to certain plots namely 9 and 11/12 is contrary to SBD guidance in that they are not in any way facing or overlooking the street. The orientation of these plots means there they cannot contribute to providing an active frontage to the street thereby reducing overall natural surveillance. This in turn also obviously means that their own main access is also not easily observed by others, again contrary to the usual guidance. For the rest of the plots although some have front doors slightly off set i feel this is acceptable. Omitting those plots mentioned, then the rest of the site will provide a reasonably good active frontage to the new internal street. The parking is also generally acceptable being mainly within curtilage and the garages are noted and welcome. Rear/side garden boundaries are advised to be as per SBD guidelines at or about 1.8 metres in height and there should be clear demarcation of private front garden space. Utility boxes are advised to be accessible at the front of dwellings. I am assuming the new internal street will be lit in line with normal council standards. Yours sincerely, Martin Mumford Police Architectural Liaison Officer

West Historic Environment Service

No consultee comments have been received

Gwinear Gwithian Parish Council

Comment Date: Fri 18 Jul 2014

No objection assuming the following is put in place:- i. That a full education contribution should be paid on each qualifying dwelling and that the contribution is allocated to Connor Downs Primary School. ii. That Cornwall Council assesses the viability report and ensures that the development produces the highest level of affordable units possible. iii. Highways ' That generally, development serving five dwellings or more/or more than one commercial premises should provide a highway infrastructure that is constructed to appropriate standards and in accordance with a previously approved layout and/or configuration as set out by the Highway Authority. ' If the development is not offered for adoption to the Highway Authority, the Highway Authority must ensure that a properly-constituted body with defined legal responsibilities is established to maintain the streets to the common benefit of residents. ' The Parish Council expects the Highway Authority to ensure that legal certainty is obtained prior to permission being granted that the streets are going to be properly maintained in perpetuity by these private arrangements. iv. With Cornwall Council receiving at least ?29,245,071 up to 2015 from the New Homes Bonus the Parish Council ask that any New Home Bonus received from this development be invested in the Parish, preferably the bonus be invested in Connor Downs Primary School. v. That the recommendations made by the EA form part of any conditions placed on approval. vi. That the recommendations made by NE form part of any conditions placed on approval.


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