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141105 | Viability of nearby town centre | 14/07582 | Demolition of existing sales building. Construction of new sales building

While reading the planning application for the redesign of the Shell Petrol station PA14/07582 I noticed condition 3 of the decision notice []:

The sales building hereby approved shall be used solely as ancillary to the petrol
filling station granted approval under W1/85/0522 dated 28.10.1985 and shall
not be used as a separate retail use.

Reason: To safeguard and maintain the viability of the nearby town centre and in
accordance with paragraph 23 of the National Planning Policy Framework 2012.

Interesting in light of the Cranford and Walker/Rugby Club plans, both seem likely to be slightly larger than a Shell shop....

Shops Net Tradable Area - 40 sqm

Shell Petrol Station

Maybe they should be reminded about this condition in relation to the other planning applications?

40 sqm

I was really surprised to see it - especially as according to the application form it's a whole 40 sqm!!

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