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190606 | 23d Review boundary changes report from Gwinear/Gwithian Parish Council | Cornwall Community Governance Reviews


d) Cornwall Community Governance Reviews

(i)To consider the correspondence and report from Gwinear/Gwithian Parish Council It was resolved to accept the notes of the working party of 28 March 2019 as an accurate reflection of the discussions. The wording of the proposals was amended slightly to reflect that the focus of any boundary changes should be based on a sense of community rather than vehicular access, although it was agreed that this could be a factor.The clerk explained that at the working party it was agreed that the parish clerks of Hayle, St Erth and Gwinear/Gwithian should meet initially to discuss their respective parish proposals. This had proved difficult because each parish had agreed their way of progressing the matter. For instance, St Erth had called a meeting and had invited representatives of each of the neighbouring parishes to attend to discuss all of their proposals and Gwinear/Gwithian had decided to consult with their neighbouring parishes by letter and a report.

It was resolved that the Mayor andClerk should attend the meeting convened by St Erth Parish Council, scheduled for 7pm on Tuesday 11 June 2019, to present HTC’s proposals and to hear those of other parishes.

The clerk referred to the response she has received from Cornwall Council regarding the internal ward boundaries and representationand it was generally agreed that the information provided had not been as helpful and that HTC would have to make its case based on local knowledge and previously forecasted growth figures.

Members considered the correspondence from Gwinear/Gwithian Parish Council.

It was resolved that the clerk should send Gwinear/Gwithian HTC’s proposals, and acknowledge that HTC is in agreement regarding the boundaries at Nanpusker and Trungle Mill, Angarrack, but does not support the proposal for Loggans Moor. HTC accepts that the properties at Mutton Hill clearly identify with Connor Downs and therefore should be realigned into Gwinear Gwithian however HTC strongly opposes the proposal for the properties at Pulsack, Angarrack Hill and Carwin believing the houses in this area have a strong connection and established history with Hayle.

Councillor Pollard undertook to provide some wording relating to the history of Pulsack Manor and its significance in terms of being one of the six original manors that feature on HTC’s logo and insignia. He also agreed to write something regarding the proposed internal ward boundaries.