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1985 | A30 Hayle by-pass | Land acquisition and compensation | Total estimated cost including works

Road Works (Compensation)

asked the Secretary of State for Transport if he will show payments made by highway authorities under the Land Compensation Act 1973, for (a) sound insulation, (b) the purchase of land outside the boundary of highway works, (c) the compulsory purchase of land and buildings within the boundary of highway works, (d) compensation for home loss and (e) compensation for disturbance, for the following road schemes: (i) M25 M40-Maple Cross, (ii) M25 M40 interchange, (iii) M25 A10-M11, (iv) M25 Chertsey-Wisley, (v) M27 Stoneham-Hedge End, (vi) M27 Chilworth-Stoneham, (vii) M65 Whitebirk-Hyndburn, (viii) A40 Ross on Wye relief road, (ix) A40 Northleach by-pass, (x) A43 Broughton by-pass, (xi) A30 Hayle by-pass and (xii) A243 Leatherhead by-pass, showing in each case also the total cost of the scheme.

Payments to 1 April 1985
SchemeSound insulation £ thousandsLand acquisition and compensation £ millionTotal estimated cost including works £ million
(i) and (ii) M25 M4—Maple Cross including M40 interchange73·61·6485·33
(iii) M25 A10-M1188·04·32112·74
(iv) M25 Chertsey-Wisley54·03·1845·73
(v) and (vi) M27 Chilworth-Hedge End32·02·7845·05
(vii) M65 Whitebirk-Hyndburn22·71·0729·41
(viii) A40 Ross on Wye Relief RoadNil0·03l·25
(ix) A40 Northleach BypassNil0·152·64
(x) A43 Broughton BypassNil0·043·14
(xi) A30 Hayle Bypass (Polstrong-St. Erth)Nil0·7418·65
(xii) Leatherhead Bypass (M25)87·50·0222·60