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200501 | Cornish holiday let owner quizzes Boris Johnson in Covid-19 briefing

Cornish holiday let owner quizzes Boris Johnson in Covid-19 briefing

Cornish holiday let owner quizzes Boris Johnson in Covid-19 briefing

Published by the Pirate FM News Team at 4:05pm 1st May 2020.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the UK will "get tourism going again" when taking a question from a Cornish holiday let owner during the live daily briefing from Downing Street yesterday.

However, the PM warned against doing it too soon and encouraging a second peak of the virus, which could prove catastrophic.

The first question from the live briefing came from Michelle, from Cornwall, who said: "We are getting enquiries daily to book a holiday let from June onwards.

We're worried there will be an influx of people coming away from the cities and to tourist hotspots which could bring a second wave to areas such as Cornwall.

Please can we ask how tourism within the UK will be managed in the coming weeks?"

In his response, the Prime Minister acknowledged the 'hit' taken by the tourism industry due to the lockdown.

"I sympathise very much with everybody in the tourism industry who has taken such a hit and it’s been one of our jobs to make sure that we look after business as far as we possibly can through our loans, our support schemes, our furloughing schemes for workers.

But you will come back Michelle.

We are going to make sure that the UK bounces back as fast as we possibly can but we have got to be sensible, I think the public have been very sensible so far. It's vital that does not fray and we don't see people starting to disregard what we say.We will be saying a lot more in the coming weeks about how and when we propose to unlock the various parts of the UK economy."

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister

What is Boris Johnson's lockdown promise for next week?

The PM had this to say "what you're going to get next week is really a road map, a menu of options - the dates and times of each individual measure will be very much driven by where we are in the epidemic, what the data is saying.

"Michelle, the short answer is, you're dead right - we've got to get your business going again, we've got to get tourism going again, but we can't allow such a big influx of tourists as to create a second wave of the disease."

It comes days after Cabinet Minister Micheal Gove said people will not be able to travel to visit seaside resorts in places like Cornwall 'for some time to come'.

The Minister for the Cabinet Office issued the warning in the House of Commons on Tuesday, after Steve Double the MP for St Austell and Newquay, raised the issue of lockdown flouters who are still visiting Cornwall despite the government's travel restrictions.

What is the support provided to businesses by the Government?

  • Loans, tax relief and cash grants are available
  • Employers can apply for staff to get up to 80% pay if they can’t work
  • Self-employed people can receive up to £2,500 per month in grants for at least 3 months

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