There are long queues reported at one Cornish tip this lunchtime after centres opened up for all types of rubbish again.

Household waste and recycling centres are now accepting all the different kinds of materials they used to take before they closed to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

All centres in Cornwall have now reopened again, with initial limitations over what waste would be accepted now lifted.

It has led to people rushing out to clear the waste they have built up over lockdown - and has led to long queues at St Erth today.

Cornwall Council put out a warning an hour ago to say: "We're experiencing long queues at St Erth HWRC.

"Blocking the highway is dangerous, so please come back another time when it's not so busy."

The number plate system remains in place, meaning vehicles are restricted to what days they can go.

As a result, vehicles where the last digit of the number plate is even - 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8 - can only visit on an even date of the month, eg June 4, 6, 8, 10 etc.

Where the number plate has an odd digit at the end - 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 - then vehicles can only visit on an odd date of the month, eg June 5, 7, 9, 11 etc.

Personalised number plates should use the last digit found on the plate.

Information on the Cornwall Council website states: "HWRCs are now accepting all the different kinds of materials they normally take.

"To check what your HWRC accepts please see the Suez website. HWRCs do not accept trade waste.

"We are accepting chargeable waste such as hardcore, soil, tyres, plasterboard or asbestos. Card payments only.

"Please hang onto anything that is reusable until charities are able to take them. There will be people in need of your reusable items.

"There might be queues to use the HWRCs. Some of the sites have traffic management measures in place, including some changes to the route you access the sites.

"Trailers are allowed onto the sites, but please check that your trailer complies with the vehicle permit scheme.

"Remember to stay in your vehicle while queuing to comply with social distancing and for your own safety.

"Please follow all instructions given to you when you arrive at your HWRC and observe two metre distancing at all times.

"Respect your HWRC staff and traffic marshals. They are key workers doing a difficult job at a difficult time. We will not tolerate any abuse of our staff."

One one person will be allowed out of the vehicle at a time.

Vehicles other than a car that require a permit to access centres should display it clearly in the windscreen when arriving at a site. It not valid or displayed properly, the vehicle will not be allowed entrance.