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200619 | New online grocery delivery services – Veggies & More Cornish Collective


May saw the launch of two new online grocery delivery services – Veggies & More and Cornish Collective.

Veggies & More was set up by WestCountry Fruit Sales. Upon their trade customers closing back in March, WestCountry very quickly created Bulk Buy Groceries, offering domestic home delivery of fruit and veg, bakery and dairy, store cupboard staples, drinks and household goods. This has now been re-branded as the online shop Veggies & More, with same day and next day delivery for orders over £35, and a collection service too. For full details, and to place an order, see

Cornish Collective is effectively an online farmers’ market, and sells a range of artisan Cornish products from one website, so you don’t have to order items from individual producers’ websites. This was launched in May by Kristian and Kelley, who own Fowey Farm Shop, Cornish Duck Co. and The Cornish Mushroom Co.. As well as duck and mushrooms, you can also buy products from Duchy Charcuterie, Cornish Orchards, Cornish Moo, Baker Tom, Boddington’s Berries, Cornish Ketchup and more. See