Two huge fires have broken out in the west of Cornwall over the last 24 hours, ravaging vehicles and buildings.

The first involved a collection of scrap cars at The Lizard, which have been left as empty shells by the heat of the flames.

Fire crews from Mullion and Helston were called to the scene near Mile End just before 3.55pm yesterday, where they were joined by a fire officer.

Hose reel jets were used to put out the blaze, which involved a number of cars and a pick-up truck, all of which were gutted.

The aftermath of the blaze at The Lizard. Photo: Mullion Fire Station

Then, just after 1.45am this morning, Fire Control received multiple 999 calls about a large fire off Green Lane, which could be seen from St Erth.

One crew from St Ives was sent to investigate, but shortly afterwards another 999 call was received from a resident of Green Lane, who said that they had a fire in their caravan and believed it might have spread to some nearby vehicles.

On receiving this information, a second major appliance and a smaller pumping appliance from St Ives were sent - and two minutes after they arrived, firefighters on the scene called for back up from a third.

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A scene of devastation at St Erth this morning. Photo: St Ives Fire Station

It was confirmed that two caravans and multiple cars were well alight in the yard, prompting a crew from Tolvaddon and a water carrier from Helston to be scrambled, as the water supply in that area was poor.

By 2.11am two hose reel jets were being used under "rapid deployment" and at 2.55am it was confirmed that, along with the two caravans, eight vehicles were well alight and that the fire had also spread to a shed and an area of wasteland.

However, gas cylinders at the scene had been cooled and were considered safe.

A thermal imaging camera was also being used to check for hot spots.

Two caravans and eight cars were destroyed in the blaze at St Erth. Photo: St Ives Fire Station

At 3.45am firefighters confirmed that the fire was out and a fire investigation confirmed that the fire had started accidentally.

Firefighters remained on scene damping down hot spots until 5.20am.

Speaking about the incident on Twitter this morning, St Ives Community Fire Station said: "Thank you to Penzance Community Fire Station for coving the town while we were gone."