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200807 | Level two heat health alert issued for Cornwall

Level two heat health alert issued for Cornwall

Level two heat health alert issued for Cornwall

Published by Sarah Yeoman at 6:15am 6th August 2020. (Updated at 6:19am 6th August 2020)

Things are hotting up in Cornwall, as a level two heat health alert is issued for the south west.

The Met Office says there is a 70% chance that the region could see 'heatwave' conditions over the next few days.

The alert is in force from 12pm on Thursday through until 9am on Sunday as the Duchy is set to see a warm weekend.

Forecasters say that a level two (yellow) heat health alert is triggered as soon as the risk is 60% or above for threshold temperatures being reached in one or more regions on at least two consecutive days and the intervening night.

Weather forecasts show Cornwall should see the best of the weather on Saturday and Sunday, with temperatures reaching up to 25C.

"This is an important stage for social and healthcare services who will be working to ensure readiness and swift action to reduce harm from a potential heatwave."

Hot weather can be dangerous, especially for the very young or very old or those with chronic disease.

"Advice on how to reduce the risk either for yourself or somebody you know can be obtained from the Heatwave Plan for England page, from your doctor or local chemist, or ring NHS 111."

Met Office

But it is the south east of the country that will see the highest temperatures, with some parts basking in temperatures hotter than top holiday destinations in the Caribbean.

Temperatures are expected to soar to 37C (98.6F) by the end of the week, caused by hot air moving in from southern Europe.

It means parts of the country will be basking in warmer conditions than popular holiday destinations such as Jamaica, Barbados and the Bahamas.

Britain could pass the official threshold for a heatwave, which requires three days of temperatures over 25C (77F) across most of the nation and 28C (82.4F) in London.

A level three heat health alert has been issued for the south east and east of England.

Forecasters have said London and the south east may see Friday record the hottest temperature of the year so far, beating 31st July when the mercury reached 37.8C (100.04F) at Heathrow in west London. It was also the UK's third highest temperature ever recorded.