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200901 | Work progressing well in regeneration of North Quay | Hayle Pump

Work is progressing well on the regeneration of North Quay with a number of milestones achieved in recent weeks. North Quay logo

Corinthian Homes started work on site in January and the first block of new quayside townhouses, Cannery Row, has superstructure complete and is on course for the first residents to move in during autumn. We are also busy with major excavations and reinforced concrete work to quaysides in preparation for further development, including the creation of underground car parking and incorporation of tidal defences as part of site-wide flood mitigation measures.

North Quay recently received a national accolade by winning the project category in the highly-regarded Housing Design Awards 2020. Early recognition of the quality of design and our commitment to delivering an exemplary scheme which will boost the local economy, generate employment and create a nationally significant new destination here in Hayle.

Throughout the project our aim is to employ as many local people and business as possible and we are already doing this as well as having initiatives under way for new apprenticeships in partnership with Camborne College.

Elsewhere on site, structural work is under way on the first block of apartments, work has started to prepare a new spine road which will link the waterfront and hilltop areas and demolition of some redundant buildings on site will start shortly.

With regards to ecology, we are engaging with the Towans Partnership and have had meetings on site with them and other local people.

An extensive reptile translocation is currently ongoing to sensitively capture and move reptiles from future development areas. Daily inspections are being undertaken, with a large population of slow worms, smaller numbers of common lizards and adders successfully moved to adjacent dune habitats. These habitats are being enhanced as part of a wider dune management plan to restore the natural dune habitats for wildlife and manage future access to the beach.

This will include a phased programme of sea buckthorn removal, an invasive species dominating much of dunes, due to commence early September once birds have stopped nesting. A badger mitigation strategy is also due to be implemented in September with construction of a new artificial sett before any existing holes are sensitively closed in autumn using one-way gates.

There is a Virtual Exhibition on our website explaining our exciting plans recently submitted for Phase Two, which include a new hotel and community centre, improved water sport and harbour facilities, cinema and new open-market and affordable homes.

Find out more and share your views at:

David Speight
Construction Director for Corinthian Homes
CGI Credit: James Lawley

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