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200930 | Money for new Hayle roundabout

Money for new Hayle roundabout

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Loggans Moor roundabout near Hayle is to be redesigned to accommodate population growth

Government agency Homes England have awarded a £12.9m grant to Cornwall Council to make what it says will be significant improvements to Loggans Moor roundabout on the A30 at Hayle.

The roundabout is currently flanked by Hayle Rugby Club, the West Cornwall Shopping Park (M&S and Boots etc), MacDonalds and Brewsters Fayre.

The money, will be used to ‘improve the layout of the junction to help ease congestion and cater for future housing and economic growth in the local area’.

The new roundabout is expected to begin construction in late 2022 and be completed in 2024.

What the new roundabout could look like

It is likely that the layout of the junction will look very different to the current roundabout, with lanes running through the centre to prioritise A30 traffic and signals directing vehicles to the adjoining local roads.

The council say new layout will support the delivery of the first phases of housing and the 1,250 new homes that will be needed in Hayle to meet housing demand due to population changes up to 2038.? It will also help with existing congestion at the junction and remove the temptation for drivers to make hazardous U-turns.

Geoff Brown, Cornwall Council cabinet portfolio holder for transport, said: “This is a great example of where we are working on improving infrastructure before new houses and employment centres are built. We are already beginning to see issues with congestion at the roundabout during the peak holiday season and I welcome this funding which will enable us to tackle the predicted growth in traffic.

“We are also working with the local community to help realise the ambitions of the Hayle Concept Plan which features proposals for sustainable transport in the town and helping residents to make choices about how they travel.

“In addition to the improvements at Loggans Moor, we continue to work with Highways England, local groups and local MP Derek Thomas to look at potential improvements to the A30 further west to Penzance.”




The roundabout today alongside the potential design for the layout of the new A30 Loggans Moor junction.