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210204 | Police object to major Hayle harbour development | The force wants the developer to pay for additional police resources

Police object to major Hayle harbour development

The force wants the developer to pay for additional police resources in the area

Aerial view of Hayle Harbour (Image: James Lawley)
Aerial view of Hayle Harbour
(Image: James Lawley)

Devon and Cornwall Police have objected to a major development in Hayle saying that it would place an "unacceptable burden on police infrastructure" in the town.

A reserved matters planning application for the second phase of the North Quay development at Hayle Harbour is due to be decided by Cornwall Council's strategic planning committee when it meets today (Feb 4).

The application includes proposals for 375 new homes, a hotel, shops, sports facilities, employment space and public open space.

But the application has attracted an objection from the police and a suggestion that the developers should be required to provide funding for additional police resources.

In their statement Devon and Cornwall Police request that planning consent is not granted until funding has been agreed either through the Community Infrastructure Levy or Section 106 payments, which are developer contributions to local infrastructure and amenities as part of the planning permission.

They state that this would be used to help pay for "a replacement police office either in Hayle or in St Ives that can service the needs of policing the community in Hayle and its surrounding environs".

The police force says the funding would also help to pay for "associated infrastructure or equipment that is needed to police the proposed development".

Giving the reasons for the objection and request for funding Devon and Cornwall Police said its Hayle office is located in the tri-service emergency services community station in the town.

It says: "The Hayle police office element of this scheme is at capacity. The office has no further capacity to accommodate any additional police officers and/or additional police resources.

"There is no potential opportunity to extend the existing building nor to intensify the occupation of it. The development if consented will compound the existing problem."

In its statement the police force says that Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service has "declined" to make additional space available in the tri-service hub.

However it said that discussions were taking place with Cornwall fire service to address the existing problem in Hayle by providing a police office at St Ives Fire Station.

The statement adds: "The proposed development described in the application will increase the need for additional police resources in west Cornwall. The need for the St Ives police and fire co-location scheme or an alternate scheme will therefore be exacerbated by the application and it is appropriate that a contribution towards the cost be provided by the developer.

"In the event the Cornwall fire co-location scheme does not proceed an alternate solution will needed to be found so as to address the inadequate police infrastructure in Hayle."

The police ask that they have a debate with the applicants and Cornwall Council before planning permission is granted to agree the amount the developer should contribute towards the cost of constructing a St Ives base.

It adds: "Until such agreement is reached Devon & Cornwall Police objects to the application scheme."




Aerial view of Hayle Harbour (Image: James Lawley)
Drone footage reveals what Hayle harbour redevelopment could look like
The Hayle Harbour area where Carillion completed the £16 million North Quay infrastructure project in 2013

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