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210324 | Hayle harbour development to make another attempt at planning permission, following UNESCO heritage concerns

Hayle harbour development to make another attempt at planning permission, following UNESCO heritage concerns

Posted By Rashleigh MacFarlane on 24th March 2021

By Rashleigh MacFarlane

The final part of a major harbour redevelopment scheme at Hayle is to make another attempt to secure planning permission next week, after concerns were raised about the impact it would have on a World Heritage Site.

A reserved matters planning application, covering aspects such as design and layout, for the North Quay development at Hayle Harbour went before Cornwall Council’s strategic planning committee last month.

The proposals include 375 homes, industrial space, a hotel, sports and leisure facilities and public open space. Development at the harbour is already underway and outline planning permission had previously been granted for the entire project.

Now the “reserved matters” application is to come back before Cornwall Council’s strategic planning committee next week, following revisions which the developers hope will address concerns raised by the International Council On Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), which comments on behalf of UNESCO on World Heritage Sites.

In a report recommending that the scheme should now get the go-ahead, planning officers say: “There were three areas of concern raised by Historic England and the WHS Office and subsequently endorsed by ICOMOS.

“The applicant in response to these concerns has amended the proposal with a further reduction in the size of the dry berth area and repositioning of dwelling in the Hilltop area to maintain the sight lines through the scheme.

“These changes represent a further positive move by the applicant to address concerns about the impact on the heritage assets.”

“The changes do not fully address the points that ICOMOS raised. As such while ICOMOS have not commented on the revisions it is expected that they would express similar concerns to those of Historic England and WHS Office.

“As set out in the original report, there will be some negative impacts on the heritage assets, which require due consideration. The greatest harm will be to the Outstanding Universal Value of the WHS, although given the nature and extent of the impacts it was determined this harm is less than substantial, with lesser impacts on the conservation area and listed buildings.

“Therefore this harm is required to be balanced against the benefits of the proposal. First and foremost, this scheme should be seen as part of the overall redevelopment of Hayle Harbour, of which North Quay forms part.

“There have been manifest public benefits from the development, in terms of the provision of facilities, investment in infrastructure and repair of the harbour, leading to an opening up of the harbour, recommencement of sluicing and enhancement of public space.

“There will also be additional employment opportunities and in subsequent phases affordable housing. This part of the development is a continuation of that investment and will contribute to the regeneration of Hayle. Therefore it is considered that the public benefits more than outweigh the harm to the heritage assets.”

Planners are due to meet on Thursday next week (1st April) to consider the application.

Further information:

PA20/05161 | Reserved Matters application for the construction of 375 residential units; 598 sqm retail (Class A1-A5 and sui generis floorspace; 2,407 sqm of business (Class B1) and industrial and fish storage (Class B2 and B8) floorspace; a 4,409 sqm hotel (Class C1); 2,275 sqm of community and cultural (Class D1) floorspace and sports and leisure (Class D2) floorspace; and associated access, parking and public open space. The original Outline consent (W1/08-0613) was an environment impact assessment application and an environmental statement was submitted to Cornwall Council at that time. (Details following application no. pursuant to Outline permission PA13/01370). | North Quay Road Hayle Harbour Hayle


PA20/05161 | Reserved Matters application for construction 377 residential units; 598 sqm retail (Class A1-A5)


Aerial view of Hayle Harbour (Image: James Lawley)
Drone footage reveals what Hayle harbour redevelopment could look like
The Hayle Harbour area where Carillion completed the £16 million North Quay infrastructure project in 2013

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