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220516 | 'Save our Sands' protesters fear Hayle development is 'destroying' part of Cornish coastline

'Save our Sands' protesters fear Hayle development is 'destroying' part of Cornish coastline

  • Monday 16 May 2022, 5:04pm
  • Watch Charlotte Gay's report

More than 100 people have taken part in a protest in Hayle amid fears a development is "destroying" part of Cornwall's coastline.

Corinthian Homes is behind a multi-million pound waterside development in Hayle known as the North Quay project.

The scheme has seen quayside townhouses created which are worth as much as £900,000.

But protesters now fear its developers will go beyond the remit of their planning permission - something Corinthian Homes maintains is not true.

On Sunday 15 May, around 100 people protested to 'Save our Sands', claiming the project is "destroying" the coastline.

The group says the development is encroaching into a sand dune at Harvey Towans car park, with sand dug up and moved off-site during pipework installations.

They are now concerned the dune will be put back together with sand dredged from the sea which will damage coastal habitats.

Nick Reynolds is the director of Paradise Park wildlife park and trustee of the Friends of the Towans charity.

"There are truckloads of sand that have been taken off-site," he said.

Campaigners say the development is "destroying" the coastline Credit: BPM Media

He believes the firm will use sand from the channel to "re-dune" the area, adding: "We know that the channel sand is contaminated. There'll be snakes and lizards and bugs that will be living in that sand. It's no good for them it's contaminated."

Corinthian Homes denies any wrongdoing, saying it will follow a Dune Management Plan set out within its planning permission which lays out the need to re-wild the dunes and remove buckthorn over a three-year period.

The campaign group also believe construction work will go beyond what the developer has permission for.

Karin Howey lives in one of the Harvey Towans Chalets. She told ITV News West Country she and her neighbours have been served 'notices to quit' their properties by the developers - which she believes will lead to the chalets being removed.

"They are destroying this beautiful World Heritage site," she said. "It's the most spectacular piece of coastline."

She added: "Don't destroy a whole community of people that live here and the wildlife that goes with it. This is a World Heritage town, and we need to protect that."

In a statement, Corinthian Homes said: "There is no plan to build or extend the development within Harvey Towans Car Park."

They added the firm "continues to value the importance of the Harvey Towans Chalets to the local community" and "has no intention of removing these from this area".

Save Our Sands - Watch Charlotte Gay's report
Campaigners say the development is "destroying" the coastline [Credit: BPM Media]