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The Angarrack Stream | Flood Profile for Hayle version 7, April 2018


The Angarrack Stream

The Angarrack Stream flows into Copperhouse Pool and is tidal to Phillack. Flood risks are significant in the area around Marsh Lane and Loggans Mill roundabout, where the A30 is particularly vulnerable, and along the built up area between the roundabout and Copperhouse Pool. At times of high flow in the Angarrack Stream the Environment Agency pumps water from the pumping station upstream of Marsh Lane to further downstreamon the Angarrack River.

The catchment area of the Angarrack Stream is 23km2. It is designated as Main River downstream (north) of Nanpusker Road. The river splits a couple of times upstream of Angarrack and passes under the railway line in two channels. It then goes back into one channel at Angarrack where it crosses the road betweenHatches Hill and Steamers Hill and then splits into two channels again upstream of Loggans Moor roundabout on the A30, with each channel running either side of the roundabout. Between the channel and Hayle Industrial Park the river feeds the Marsh Lane Meadows wetland area, which is a Country Wildlife Site. On the northern side of the A30 a tributary to the Angarrack Stream feeds into Loggans Moor, which is designated as SSSI. Both channels remain separate and each discharges into Copperhouse Pool

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History of Flooding

Added some entries from elsewhere which seem to be missing - italicised years, and some details from other sources blue


1875 - Properties in Angarrack and Loggan affected by flooding where‘several houses were partially submerged’

1936 - It was impossible to walk between Penmare and Loggans. Almost the whole of Angarrack was flooded. The road between St. Erth and St. Erth station was flooded and the buses could not get through at one time. [Cornishman Cornwall, England [13 Feb 1936]

1974 - Flooding recorded 3 times, causes unknown [Christmas Day 1974 saw flooding in Angarrack and Hayle.]

1979, 1985, 1994, 1996 - Surface water and fluvial

2002 - Properties in Hatchs Hill and Gwinear flooded.  A blocked screen caused the stream to overtop and cause flooding [Heavy rainfall on New Year’s Eve/Day 2002-2003 resulted in fluvial and surface water flooding, mainly centred on West Cornwall] [in January 2003 the flooding was severe enough to be reported on the regional television programme Spotlight.]

2008 - Following heavy rainfall, surface runoff from fields poured onto the roadside.  Channels cut into the roadside verge allowed runoff to drain into the watercourse.


1875 - Properties in Angarrack and Loggan affected by flooding where‘several houses were partially submerged’

1966 - Loggans Cross area flooded from Angarrack Stream and Loggan Mill Leat

1970 - Flooding inthe Commercial Road area from Angarrack Stream

1971 - War Memorial Flooded  - suspected surface water runoff

1974 - Foundry Square, Loggans Cross, Marsh Lane, Penmare Hotel and Golden Sands Caravan Park flooded from the Angarrack stream and Loggans Mill leat

1977 - Penmare area and Love Lane flooded during heavy rainfall.  Loggans Cross, Penmare Hotel, Marsh Lane, Love Lane and Beatrice Terrace were affected by surface water flooding following heavy rainfall

1978 - Penmare Hotel flooded; suspected sourcewas fluvial (river/stream)

1979 - Foundry Square and Loggans Cross area flooded from the Angarrack Stream and Loggans Mill Leat

1981 - Foundry Square and adjacent residential areas flooded due to a combined fluvial and tidal event  - similar event recorded in 1985

1983 - Marsh Lane flooded due to unauthorised operation of sluice.  Later in 1983 Loggans Cross flooded from the Angarrack Stream and Loggans Mill Leat

1985 - Foundry Square flooded when flood water rose through culverts

1986 - Golden Sands Caravan Parkflooded from water behind Angarrack Stream Flood Alleviation Scheme works

1988 - Marsh Lane flooded due to surface water drains being locked by high river levels.  Identical reports appear in 1993 and 94.  Pumping station installed 1995 to over-pump during flood conditions

1992 - Foundry Square flooded from culvert

2001 - Trehayles Parc, Guildford Road flooded from Angarrack Stream; blocked storm drain suspected

2003 - Fire Brigade attend a number of incidents after heavy rainfall

2004 - Cornish Arms, Wheal Alfred Road and Commercial Road suffered flooding due to surface water run-off.  March Lane flooded from overtopping of a small open watercourse. 

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