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Christmas Lights

Treasure Hunt and BBQ - Friday 27th June 2008

Come and join us on Friday 27th June 1008 for a fabulous Treasure Hunt and BBQ in the grounds of the Angarrack Inn by the river.


The Treasure Hunt starts at 6pm in the Angarrack Inn carpark, entry is via a small donation to the Christmas Lights fund.

The Treasure Hunt has nine clues around the Angarrack locality centred on the pub. The solution to each clue will be the letter of a word so at the end of the hunt you just need to rearrange the letters into a nine letter word and take that word to the Angarrack Inn - the first team to solve the puzzle will win the prize.


The BBQ starts at 7pm with all the favourites.


We look forward to seeing you there.