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PA20/03108 | Proposed change of use from industrial building to builders merchant | Supporting Statement Planning Assessment

Proposed change of use from industrial building to builders merchant. Building is being constructed. - Land SE Of Unit 24 Marsh Lane Industrial Estate Hayle TR27 5JR

Ref. No: PA20/03108 | Received date: Wed 08 Apr 2020 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application


Jon Pender MACOxon), DipTP, MRTPI
Chartered Town Planner
5 Polwithen Road
Cornwall TR18 4JS



MS and D Ltd


March 2020



This document has been prepared by Jon Pender, Chartered Town Planner, for M$
and D Ltd for their sole use in relation to land south-east of Unit 24, Marsh Lane
Industrial Estate, Hayle TR27 5JR. No responsibility is accepted for liability arising to
any third party from the unauthorised use of this material.



The application site is on the eastem side of the Marsh Lane Industrial Estate, at the
end of its adopted cul-de-sac road. The Estate has an area of over 5 hectares on the
eastem edge of the town of Hayle, bounded by the Hayle rugby ground on the west
and Marsh Lane on the north, with the A30 trunk road some 150 metres to the west.
The application site has an area of about 0.2 hectares. The site and the rest of the
Estate are not subject to any landscape designations and are not liable to flood.



e The Estate was developed from 1990 (see planning application refs.
W1/89/P/1018 for outline permission to develop a business park, and
W1/90/P/0843 for laying it out that was submitted by the former Penwith DC).

e In 2008 planning permission was granted to erect a 2400 square metre two-
storey building on the current application site, with the ground floor used for
industry and the first floor for offices cref. W1/08-0888). Non-material
amendments to the building’s design were approved in 2011 (ref. PA11/01289),
These permissions apparently expired without the development starting.

e In 2019 the current applicants were granted permission to erect an industrial
building Cref. PA19/06344). The factory has been implemented.


Full permission is sought to change the approved use of the building from Class B2
(general industry) to a builders’ merchants. No material external changes to the
approved structure or to the site layout Cincluding on-site parking and turning
arrangements) are proposed.


The planning policy documents relevant to this application are:

e Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies 2010 - 2030 [CLP]. It is part of the
Development Plan, adopted on 22 November 2016 in replacement of most
policies of the Penwith Local Plan (2004).

e Hayle Neighbourhood Plan 2014 - 2030 [HNP]. It was made by CC on 28
June 2018 and is the other part of the Development Plan.

e National Planning Policy Framework (February 2019) [NPPF]. It contains
the Government's national planning policies. The NPPF is generally-worded and
not specific to this locality, but it deserves weight as another planning
consideration because it is up-to-date and is continually reviewed and revised.




Sustainable location

  • The application site is on the edge of and is integrated with Hayle.

  • The planning officer's report on another plot in the Estate cref. PA14/00150)
    said: “The site is served by existing public pavements which tink the industrial
    estate to Hayle to the east. There are links Dack to the main town such that the
    site is within the built up area of Hayle such that it is considered to comprise a2
    sustainabie form of development.”

  • This is reinforced by the officer’s report on PA19/06344 relating to the current
    application site, which said: “Policy SDi of the HNP advises that the principle of
    development is supported in the built-up area boundaries, defined in Map 3. it
    also advises that the built-up area represents the preferred location for new,
    small-scale development sites. The application site fails outside of the Hayle
    industrial Park boundary; however, this appears to have been an oversight of
    the Town Counci! as they have raised no objection to the proposal, seeing the
    site as a natural extension to the existing industrial site.”

  • The planning permission accordingly granted to the applicants last year to
    develop their site makes it clear that it is sustainably located within an urban

  • The site is also well-related to the main road network, the A30 trunk road lying
    only 300 metres away along connecting roads built to modern standards
    appropriate for commercial traffic.

  • The application consequently accords with criteria Ca) and (b) of CLP policy 5.1.

The application proposal

  • The applicants are an established local building firm. As a result, they have a
    clear understanding of the construction industry in West Cornwall. The current
    application results from their assessment of the business demand for the
    specialist type of service that their proposed builders’ merchant building will
    supply. The applicants can provide more details of the commercial need which
    they anticipate satisfying.

  • The applicants’ 2019 permission would have provided employment, although its
    precise scale has not been quantified. The proposed alternative use of the site
    as a builders’ merchant will also create jobs, likely to be on a comparable scale.
    In other words, the proposed different business use of the site will not lead to a
    potential loss of new employment.

  • The bulky nature of many of the products supplied by builders’ merchants
    means that they are inherently not suitably located in town centres where
    normally storage space and access for large vehicles are both restricted. This is
    exemplified others in West Cornwall (¢e.g. Screwfix at Long Rock Industrial
    Estate, Penzance and Helston Business Park; and Jewson at Carnsew, Hayle and
    Jelbert Way, Eastern Green, Penzance).

  • It also follows from these locational constraints that the application proposal will
    not undermine the vitality and viability of the commercial shopping centres at
    Copperhouse and Foundry Square in Hayle.


Character of Marsh Lane Industrial Estate

  • A wide range of firms and organisations trade from the Estate. The 35 addresses
    under the same postcode as the current application site include large car
    dealerships, an operational centre for the RNLI, health services and hairdressers
    as well as some small factories and offices.

  •  This variation in the types of commercial premises occupying the estate is
    confirmed by the planning officer's report on another plot in the Estate Cref.
    PA11/05820) that said: “When initially granted the industrial estate was
    restricted by condition to B1, B2 and BS uses...The industrial estate has however
    seen a considerabie amount of change since the original consents and the estate
    now accommodates @a wide variety of commercial and business activities
    including retail sales, car sales deliveries and office accommodation.”
    Permission was accordingly granted for a taxi business.

  • Since then, other uses that do not fall into Use Classes B1, B2 or B8 have been
    granted permission €e.g. gyms — refs. PA12/08898, PAi4/00150, PA14/11220
    and PA17/02207). The planning officer’s report on the 2017 application said:
    "there will in any case remain a number of industrial/commercial units in the
    vicinity which ensure the prevailing character will remain. ”

  • It is emphasised that this last permission was granted after the adoption of the
    CLP so that there has been no change to the Development Plan’s strategic
    policies against which the current application will also be assessed.

  • Turning to the other part of the Development Plan, section 6 of the HNP entitled
    “Business, Enterprise and Economy” does not contain any policies relevant to
    the current application.

Highway safety


  •  The application building has a floorspace of 300 square metres. An on-site
    parking and turning area of twice this area has been created, and there is ample
    space to enlarge it if necessary.

  • The applicants’ 2019 permission would attract vehicles of different kinds onto
    the site, but no objections were raised on the grounds of highway safety on its
    approaches and/or off-road parking provision. This approval was consistent with
    the 2008 and 2011 permissions for a much larger development at the site that
    consequently had the potential to generate much more traffic than associated
    with the present proposal.

Visual amenity

  • The planning officer's report on the applicants’ 2019 proposal discussed the
    appearance of the factory and its context, concluding: “The design and scale of
    the building would be broadly similar to many others in the Industrial park and
    is therefore considered to be acceptabie. Furthermore, owing to the presence of
    steeply-rising land to the south of the site, it would not have an adverse visual
    impact upon the surrounding countryside to this aspect.”

  • The current application is for the change of use of this building without
    materially altering its approved appearance.



Critical Drainage Area

  • The site is not liable to flood, being outside Flood Zones 2 and 3 according to the
    Environment Agency's indicative flood map for the area, but it is just within a
    Critical Drainage Area that they identified covering Hayle and most of its
    immediate surroundings.

  • A Flood Risk Assessment accordingly accompanied the applicants’ 2019
    application. It concluded that the erection of an industrial building was
    acceptable because it was not at risk of flooding and it would not lead to
    increased risk of flooding downstream from additional surface water runoff
    because it can be disposed of on-site.

  • Cornwall Council consequently approved the erection of the building whose use
    is proposed to change in the current application.

  • Because it proposes no increase in hard surfaces, there will be no increased risk
    of off-site flooding.

  • The same assessment was reached when approving PA11/05820 and
    PA17/02207, the officer’s report on the latter saying: “The site is within a CDA,
    but there is no change to footprint to impact surface water.”


The site is sustainably located within Hayle, well-related to this town and accessible to
the main road network. The particular nature of the proposed use meets an identified
demand. It requires this kind of location (as local examples show), it is compatible
with the range of commercial activities on this trading estate, and it will not harm the
vitality and viability of the town centre.

As far as the three dimensions of sustainable development are concerned, the
proposal has social benefits through increasing employment opportunities; economic
benefits from supporting the local construction industry; and a neutral environmental
effect because there will be no material physical change to the 2019 approved

Under the statutory duty in Section 38(6) of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase
Act 2004, Cornwall Council is asked please to grant planning permission.



2. Applicant Details

Title Mrs

First name Rebecca

Surname Brading

Company name MS&D LTD

Address line 1 Pentangle
Address line 2 4 Nanpusker Road
Address line 3
Town/city Angarrack
Postcode TR27 5JX

Planning Portal Reference: PP-08641354

Has the work or change of use already started? Yes

New Build industrial unit PA19/06344

PA20/03108 | Proposed change of use from industrial building to builders merchant. Building is being constructed. | Land SE Of Unit 24 Marsh Lane Industrial Estate Hayle TR27 5JR


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