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Spotted in The Cornishman Thursday 31 May 2012

Record entries mean festival is a day longer

WALL Music Festival celebrated its 25th year with a bumper number of entries

  1. Playing a duet together were mum and daughter Karen, left, and Lowenna Hurr of Angarrack.

    Playing a duet together were mum and daughter Karen, left, and Lowenna Hurr of Angarrack.

  2. Named the top string player at Wall Music Festival was Kerenza Hurr, aged 13, from Angarrack.

    Named the top string player at Wall Music Festival was Kerenza Hurr, aged 13, from Angarrack.

Due to the larger number of entries the festival started a day early, and finished six days later with a concert by the winning performers.


Trophy for the best child singer, Emily Elwell-Deighton; best instrumentalist under 18, Noah Merrin; most points overall, Kerenza Hurr; most promising player under 18 in brass section, Lowenna Hurr; most outstanding woodwind/recorder player under 18, Jacob Perry; most promising string player under 18, Kerenza Hurr; most promising pianist, 18 and under, Harry Stallard; most outstanding adult singer, Albert Clemo.

Class winners: Vocal solo – ladies under 21, India Young; vocal solo, men under 21 – Trystan Bennett, Halsetown; vocal duet – adults, Claire Young and Anna Dundon; vocal solo – ladies, Joan Parton, St Ives; vocal solo – men, Albert Clemo, Truro.

Woodwind – open, Jacob Perry, Mount's Bay School; vocal solo – open, Victorian or Edwardian Songs 1837-1910, Sylvia Curnow, Penzance; vocal solo – open, sacred songs/oratorios, Paul Holmes, Redruth; vocal solo – open, light opera or musical, Paul Holmes; vocal solo, boys and girls (under 8), Evelyn Heather, Penryn; under 10, Saskia Beechy- Newman, Mount Hawke; under 12, Savannah Hall, Carnon Downs; under 14, Emily Elwell-Deighton, Falmouth; under 16, Kerenza Hurr, Angarrack.

Primary school choirs (for schools with fewer than 100 pupils), St Madderns; schools with more than 100 pupils, Mabe School; senior school choirs, Cape Cornwall.

Recorder solo, 10 and under, Patrick Lyne, Truro; 11 to 13, Kian Pellow, Mabe; group under 15, Mabe; electronic keyboard, Grade II and under, Emma Crisp, Stithians School; instrumental ensemble, Mylor Bridge School.

Vocal duet – adult and child, Kerenza and Karen Hurr, Angarrack; composition, 16 and under, Kerenza Hurr; vocal solo – sacred song, boys and girls under 16, Lowenna Wearne, Praze-an-Beeble; acoustic guitar, 13 and under, Ben Godwin, Stithians School; piano, Grade V/VI standard, Bennath Halse, Bude; piano, Grade VII/VIII standard, Harry Stallard, Newquay; recorder ensemble – open, Wheal Jane Players.

Piano, pre-grade, Matthew Lyne, Truro; piano duet, Grade I/II standard, Lowenna Hurr and Lucy Garraway, Hayle; piano, Grade I/II standard, Amelia Heather, Falmouth; piano, Grade III/IV standard, Noah Merrin, Newquay; choral speaking, under 12, Gwinear CP School; strings,Grade III/IV standard, Kerenza Hurr, Angarrack; strings, Grade V/VI standard, Eva Edgeworth; string ensemble, Hayle Strings, Hayle Community School; brass solo, pre-grade standard, Matthew Cook, Gwinear; brass solo, Grade I/II standard, Zoe Body, Gwinear; handbells, 12 and under, Stithians School; untuned percussion – open, Tobias Evans, Stithians School.

Vocal ensemble – no more than 20 voices, Voices 20; choirs – open, Stithians Ladies' Choir; woodwind, beginners, pre-grade, Isabel Cooper, Stithians School; woodwind ensemble, pre-grade, St Mary's RC Flutes, Penzance; woodwind intermediate, Grade III/IV standard, Joe Duke, St Ives; woodwind intermediate, Grade V/VI standard, India Taylor, Cape Cornwall; woodwind advanced, Grade VII/VIII standard, Abigail Wall, Cape Cornwall; woodwind elementary, Grade I/II standard, Daniel Tucker, Ludgvan School; woodwind ensemble, Grade I/II standard, St Ives Junior Flutes; woodwind ensemble – open, Sophie Weeks and Jake Perry, Penzance.

Brass – open, Kate Doran, Mount Hawke; brass solo, Grade III/IV standard, Oscar Wells, Stithians; brass solo, Grade V/VI standard, Kate Doran, Mount Hawke; brass, junior quartet, under 16 years, Oscar and Siri Wells, Joey and Matthew Cook; brass duet, 11 and under, Hannah Body and Harry Eddy, Gwinear; brass duet, 12 to 18 years, Louise Hurrell and Hannah Matthews, Hayle; brass duet – open, Lowenna and Karen Hurr, Angarrack; brass quartet – open, Duchy Tuba Quartet; brass ensemble – open, City of Truro Brass Ensemble.