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131028 | Cranford Developments re Grist Lane Planning

The information in the article 131026 | Angarrack homes 'would breach buffer zone' | This is Cornwall appeared at odds with the presentation on Hayle Shopping Park given by Cranford, so I wrote and asked them if they could clarify. Here is their reply:

At 10:19 28/10/2013, wrote:

Thank you for your email.   The article that was published last week  
is full of inaccuracies and we have asked the newspaper for a full 
retraction and clarification printed in this week's edition.  In 
addition, we have asked them to amend or take down their online 
article.  The article says that Cranford Developments own the land 
that is now proposed for housing development - this is simply not 
true.  In summary:

1. Cranford do not own the land on which this housing scheme is being 
proposed.  We control the land on the other side of Grist Lane.
2. We have not submitted plans for a retail park.  We are consulting 
on proposals and will submit at Christmas.
3. We have not said there will be a buffer zone on that side of the 
road as we simply do not control it or speak for it.  We have agreed 
to provide a non-development buffer between the village and our scheme 
on the other side of the road (which we do control).
4. We have not agreed anything at all ("in conjunction with") the 
developers of this land.  The footpath which is referred to is shown 
on our proposals (again on land we control) and will be part of our 

I do not know where the reference to a Cornwall Council meeting on 27 
November to discuss our proposals comes from, as we haven't even 
submitted a planning application yet.  All of our plans for Hayle 
Shopping Park were included in the public consultation.

We hope this will resolve any confusion and answer any questions  
residents may have.

On behalf of Cranford Developments