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Hidden Words Quiz 151

On The Water

Mr L Fleming of Angarrack has sent in this quiz, very many thanks to him.

  1. Stephen Hawking’s reasoning, I guess, did not ring true for everyone.
  2. Who would have thought that Ingrid or Yasmin would have gone for a chap like Brian?
  3. Down on the farm Derek and Peter’s cull of badgers was highly controversial.
  4. A bicycle is fine, but a moped alone still has only two wheels, albeit with an engine.
  5. Get those lettuces cut, Terry yelled at his workers, they won’t cut themselves.
  6. It was raining cats and dogs, but Henry’s mac kept the worst of the weather off.
  7. It was Tuesday, so Yvonne and Sandra went off to the market. Chloe, however stayed at home with a jigsaw.
  8. At the Helston Air Show, and flying a Tiger Moth, his loop the loop went down a storm.
  9. Cor, a clear day exclaimed Bob to Harry, now we can go sailing on the lake.
  10. At the Vicarage village fete, Alice’s tea mercifully went down well,
  11. When Keith, Bill and Mike joined the RAF, training to be a pilot was more difficult than they thought.
  12. At the fancy dress party, Bob found that wearing a tutu got him a lot of attention.
  13. Let’s paint the shed red, Gerald suggested, but his wife thought it should be blue.
  14. Terry liked the motorbike and made Ryan a good offer, Ryan however wanted the full asking price.
  15. While reading Shakespeare’s Macbeth Tracey realised that every page contained a pun. Tracey was very impressed by this.

For a chance to win a £20 prize, send your answers by 13th August along with your contact details to or use any of our drop-off points on page 2.
You are very welcome to send in a hidden words quiz, on any theme of your choice.

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