There is heavy traffic on various points of the A30 as we approach lunchtime thanks to the bank holiday combining with a crash in one section.

There are reports of a collision taking place between two vehicles heading westbound before the B3301 Carwin Rise junction and the Loggans Moor roundabout.

It is affecting inbound traffic to Hayle, which is said to be heavy as the road has been left partially blocked.

There are also queues on the A30 at Carland Cross where road links to the A39 and stretching as far as the Zelah bypass.

The red lines show slow traffic on the Cornwall A30 and A39 this bank holiday

Particularly slow traffic is reported eastbound.


The AA is reporting delays of nine minutes and increasing, with the average speed on the stretch currently around 15mph.

Yesterday the same stretch of road was closed for around four hours during the evening, following a serious crash between a tractor and a motorbike that left the rider in hospital.

The air ambulance was called, although in the end the casualty was taken to the Royal Cornwall Hospital in an ambulance by road.