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PA14/05328 | Westwood Timber Supplies 1 Trenawin Lane Connor Downs Hayle Cornwall TR27 5JG - Erection of 17 dwellings - Mr M Fit

Notice under Article 13 Gwinear-Gwithian - Westwood Timber Supplies 1 Trenawin Lane Connor Downs Hayle Cornwall TR27 5JG - Erection of 17 dwellings - Mr M Fitzgerald - PA14/05328



Reference: PA14/05328
Alternative Reference: N/A
Application Received: 06 Jun 2014
Address: Westwood Timber Supplies 1 Trenawin Lane Connor Downs Hayle Cornwall TR27 5JG
Proposal: Erection of 17 dwellings
Status: Pending Consideration
Appeal Status:  
Appeal Decision:  

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There is 1 property associated with this application.

PA14/05328 | Erection of 17 dwellings | Westwood Timber Supplies 1 Trenawin Lane Connor Downs Hayle Cornwall TR27 5JG

Public Comments (3) Consultee Comments (12)

Mrs Lynn Ward (Objects)

Comment submitted Sat 28 Jun 2014

To whom it may concern Regarding this planning application, I wish to put my views regarding this, firstly Residential Amenity: Sewerage pipes not fit for any further usage Connor Downs Primary school, full to capacity, No footpaths down Angarrack Lane, Need a car to get anywhere,which leads to Traffic & Highways The extra properties would lead to more cars on Angarrack Lane, this would then cause a problem as previously mentioned no footpaths on Angarrack Lane, Children walk to school to get the school bus, which is not wide enough for two cars to pass and therefore this would I feel could prove an accident in waiting. Previous application both Cornwall council and parish council refused on the grounds that I have mentioned. Also the sewerage problem is how it would join the main drain, Prouts lane was previously mentioned, but proof of ownership could not be proved, so how will this problem be overcome. And if this application is approved how will the building contractors get on site, Angarrack lane not wide enough for lorries and materials and the noise would also not be acceptable. I hope you take my comments into consideration. Yours sincerely Mrs l m Ward

M Travis (Neutral)

Comment submitted Wed 02 Jul 2014

See associated document

Mrs V Chadwick (Objects)

Comment submitted Thu 03 Jul 2014

My reasons for objection have not changed since the original application by Mr Fitzgerald numbered PA13/03122 and I reiterate my objections hereunder. I write again in respect of the application by the above named person. My views are (a) that this development is not suitable for this parcel of land as Angarrack Lane is just that - a lane - and certainly not wide enough for two vehicles to pass by one another. (b) This site lies outside the existing village boundary to Connor Downs. (c) Visibility for traffic emerging from the side roads in Angarrack Lane is already a problem as although there is a 30mph speed restriction, many motorists ignore this speed restriction. (d)Traffic has considerably increased down through Angarrack Lane since the construction of the Marks & Spencer, Next and Boots buildings. (e)The junction at the top of Angarrack Lane has a blind spot, where you have to be extremely careful when joining the Gwinear Road. (f) There are no pavements and no facility for them. (g) As these proposed dwellings will presumably house families, does the school have spaces for these children? Finally, records show that in 1990 a planning application was refused on land at "Traleste", 3 Angarrack Lane, Connor Downs. Nothing in Angarrack Lane has changed since then! I understand that the boundary of Connor Downs ends at Angarrack Lane, has this changed, if so when, and why were we not told. I do not think that Angarrack Lane is suitable for any further development. Yours faithfully, V Chadwick (Mrs)

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