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Sewage in our seas | Letters: August 14, 2014 | The Cornishman

As reported in The Cornishman/West Briton

Sewage in our seas

I RAISED this issue more than four years ago when residents local to Tehidy complained of discoloured water, all of which was denied then by South West Water.

If SWW can still turn their head the other way under the pathetic excuse that they are still operating within their legal permit's criteria then surely our Environmental Department need to get in to top gear and change these permits' conditions so that the dumping of effluent is damn well illegal, or am I missing something here? Then George Eustice, our MP, has the impudence to say that it is not an easy problem to solve because of the costs and that SWW may have to put its prices up! Sorry, Mr Eustice, but let me remind you that you are supposed to be representing us and that when SWW is taking huge profits from running a water company it also includes the responsibility not to poison your customers or frighten away Cornwall's tourism business. Can you imagine what would happen if all of our Cornish businesses turned round and said, "By the way, we just can't afford to adhere to health and safety or environmental issues anymore as it costs too much?"