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West Briton Letters – October 8, 2009

As reported in The Cornishman/West Briton


THIS government hasn't created jobs; but it has created job losses.

However, this then allowed them to close a great number of our job centres – which created the loss of more jobs – while at the same time causing an increase in travelling for those looking for employment.

The media I listen to and read still paints a picture of record unemployment for Cornwall having an increase of over 100% in the last 12 months for unemployment benefits.

So, last Tuesday, you can imagine my surprise to the fact that the CPR, another expensive government quango, who were at the Tuckingmill Framework public consultation were handing out 'magic notes'.

These fantastic leaflets assured you that if you are looking for a job they can help you! They could also "bridge the gap until you get your first salary".

Where are these magic jobs coming from? Do they not know that we already have thousands of people in Cornwall looking for jobs right now? Many of these jobs have disappeared because of public cost-cutting in order to pay for these quangos, which now cost the UK £64 billion every year.

Take a good look at the board of CPR and their other areas of interest and you will probably get a good idea of why they are so keen to enforce these massive house building programmes. Take a good look at the convergence directives, which are a European economic regeneration programme and not something that the local or county councillors have identified as needed for the Cornish public.

Just to name a few we have the CPR; SWRDA; RDA; ERDF; ESF; CLG; GOSW; SWCF; SNR; SRS; CSW; SWF; SWO; BSWN; ESW; SLB.

SWRDA is now replaced with the new SW councils, who will work with the Strategic Leaders' Board' and SWRDA, to deliver the SWRIEP.

All of these come with a very heavy cost; money which could be ploughed back into our hospitals and schools; money that could be directed for creating manufacturing jobs in Cornwall.


Parliamentary candidate for UKIP, Camborne, Redruth and Hayle


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