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221222 | 'Drunk' Santas in a tank cause chaos in Cornish village of Angarrack

'Drunk' Santas in a tank cause chaos in Cornish village of Angarrack

The Santas and their tank visited several towns that day

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Hellup in Angarrack as Santas driving a tank get stuck

There was hell-up in a small Cornish village when a group of Santas tried to drive a tank through and got stuck - damaging a car and blocking access to the famously decorated streets. Residents and festive revellers in Angarrack were left fuming when a group of military re-enactors dressed as Santa Claus drove into the village outside Hayle in a vintage armoured personnel carrier but came a cropper when the metal beast, complete with tank tracks, proved too wide for the roads.

Several punters have filmed the unusual yet rather comical scene which shows the Santas, some of them seemingly well into their festive drinks, struggling to move their Army vehicle and being told off for trying to drive it through the narrow streets of the village, which is famous for its Christmas lights.

Some of the historical re-enactment enthusiasts can be heard slurring their words and gesticulating rather wildly as they struggle to move the tank about last night (Thursday, December 22).


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One traffic warden can be heard telling them off and insisting they can go no further. "You cannot come in with your tank. There are cars parked there," she told the Santa tank driver, pointing towards the centre of the village. "You are not going to get through."

One of the Santas - not the driver - tries to argue but is visibly too drunk, while the driver then argues with the traffic warden about being allowed into the village. There has been no suggestion that the driver had been drinking.


Devon and Cornwall Police have confirmed they attended the scene. Some people who had tried to go to Angarrack to enjoy the village's amazing Christmas lights took to social media either seeing the funny side or to complain at the chaos the Santas and their tank caused.

One woman said: "Well that was eventful. An army tank, yes an actual Army tank, driven by several inebriated Santas trying to get to the pub in Angarrack who got stuck on the way."

Another woman said: "I have seen it all now. A tank being driven by several Santas tried to drive into Angarrack, got wedged and blocked the entrance to the village."

Many people have posted videos of the incident and in some of them you can see the tank scraping past at least one car parked along the road.

Another man said: "That’s why we couldn’t drive into Angarrack." To which a friend replied: "We were there when the police arrived and they shut the road shortly after. Bet you never guessed that was the reason though."

The tank full of Santas was also spotted earlier in the day in other towns in west Cornwall including St Ives - as seen in the video below - Helston and Redruth.

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Santa arrives in style in St Ives on a tank!

Lisa Charrd, who filmed the Santas and their tank in St Ives, said: "There was a group of Santas in the tank and they were all very friendly and full of Christmas joy. They allowed people to take photos and let kids have a look inside, everyone loved it. They were lovely chaps who had lots of time for the kids."

One Redruth resident was not so pleased however, saying: "They churned up all the pavement in Redruth this morning (Thursday December 22). I had to report it to the council."

Gail Willis, who witnessed the incident in Angarrack, contacted CornwallLive saying the issue had been made worse because of parked cars along the road into the village when the parish council had asked visitors enjoying the famous lights to park on the industrial estate down the hill.

She said: "Last night a 'tank' attempted to visit the village and caused chaos on Marsh Lane, hitting cars and getting stuck. Eventually the police had to close the road until it could be moved.

"The problem was partly caused by cars parking along the lane next to no parking signs as well as an idiot driving the tank. Angarrack Lights have put up signs asking people not to park there, requested they park on the industrial estate and asked visitors not to drive into the village."

The stuck tank driven by Santas in Angarrack on Thursday night December 22, 2022
The stuck tank driven by Santas in Angarrack on Thursday night December 22, 2022 (Image: Katrina Cameron-Luzmoor)

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police confirmed that one car had been damaged by the tank has it tried to pass it, adding: "We were notified at around 7.40pm on Thursday December 22 to reports that a tank had caused damage to a parked car on Marsh Lane in Angarrack, Hayle.

"Officers attended the scene to assist. Vehicle details were exchanged. No arrests were carried out."

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