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220830| Future changes to rubbish and recycling collections - Cornwall Council

Future changes to rubbish and recycling collections

What are the changes?

To help you recycle more and reduce your rubbish, we will be making changes to your household waste collection services. We will introduce these changes area by area in stages across Cornwall starting in 2023.
  • We will provide a new separate weekly food waste collection service. Rubbish and recycling collections will be fortnightly.
  • We will give most households a wheelie bin to protect their rubbish. If you don’t have anywhere to store or put a wheelie bin out for collection, we will give you a reusable protective sack instead.
  • To help you recycle your food waste we will give you a lockable food waste bin to store it in.
  • If you live in a flat, apartment or property with shared bins, we will be looking at your current collection arrangements and making any changes with your particular circumstances in mind.
We’ll get in touch with you directly ahead of the changes in your area to give you all the information you’ll need.
In the meantime, follow us on Facebook on @CornwallRecycles for updates.
These changes will increase recycling, reduce rubbish and will help cut our carbon footprint. This will help us all to meet the aims of our Resources and Waste Strategy and the Climate Change Action plan.

What can I do to prepare?

Reduce your rubbish by recycling more
Reduce, reuse, recycle
Start home composting
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