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Defibrillator training - Friday 19th October 6:30pm to 9pm FREE!

Thank you! to all those that have helped in providing Angarrack with its first Defibrillator. The response to the village collection was astounding.

The first on is on the side of the Angarrack Inn, if you need it call the ambulance 999 and they will give you the code.

The village's spirited generosity has sparked interest in a few other funding streams and we are hopeful to get at least one more in the very near future.

We are linked in with the Ronnie Richards Memorial Charity who are striving to have a network of Public Access Defibrillators across the whole of Cornwall.
They have offered to run some training sessions for all that are interested in learning basic CPR and how a Defibrillator works.
These sessions are free, open to all.

To book a place please use the Reserve Seats link here or below to book this session, if you're busy that week there's a session every Friday evening in October so plenty of opportunities and you are welcome to book more than one place.

Come along meet some of the village and learn to save a life.


Angarrack Defibrillator team

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