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PA12/10064 South Quay PA13/01370 PA14/00150 PA14/02920 Hayle Rugby Club by Walker Developments PA14/04724 Pedestrian footbridge Penpol Terrace to South Quay PA14/12215 Foundry Yard Hayle single A1 unit PA15/03787 Hayle Trevassack Hill 148 dwellings PA15/04394 Cranford Debenhams PA15/10513 RJs Hayle PA16/00262/PREAPP PA16/00501 Hayle Football Club PA16/03519 Cranfords PA17/04181 South Quay 27 residential units PA17/04182 PA17/04182 South Quay The Gatehouse PA18/04552 PA18/04577 North Quay PA18/06111 Roseworthy Hill PA18/07155 Roseveth Farm Angarrack Lane PA18/09194 Marsh Lane Agricultural PA18/10457 Foundry Yard Hayle 24 dwellings PA19/00068 Little Chef to Starbucks PA19/01143 30 Steamers Hill PA19/03725 Angarrack Farm House PA19/04824 Home Bargains access PA19/06182 Steamers Meadow Overhead lines PA19/06344 PA19/07748 Hayle High Lanes PA19/08063 PA19/08295 Roseveth Farm Angarrack Lane PA19/08616 PA19/08727 PA20/00261 PA20/00542 16 Back Lane PA20/02465 Temporary cafe/restaurant PA20/03108 Marsh Lane Ind Est U24 PA20/05161 Hayle Harbour Hotel Cinema PA20/05161 North Quay Hayle Harbour PA20/05587 PA20/08710 Millbrook 2 Hatchs Hill PA20/08711 Millbrook 2 Hatchs Hill PA20/09906 30 Steamers Hill PA20/11368 85 dwellings off Viaduct Hill PA21/00627 PA21/00693/PREAPP Grist Lane Overhead lines PA21/01950/PREAPP Hatchs Hill PA21/02206 extension and Balcony | Lakenheath Carwin Lane PA21/02265 Land North West Of 13 Riverside PA21/02600 Ashleen Steamers Hill PA21/03551 Certificate of lawfulnesss Millbrook 2 Hatchs Hill PA21/05008 Outline Angarrack Lane Forty units PA21/06511 Millbrook 2 Hatchs Hill PA21/06514 Listed Building Millbrook 2 Hatchs Hill PA21/07016 Driveway turning 21 Steamers Hill PA22/04876 Back Lane 12 Retrospective planning PA22/05411 | Outline Angarrack Lane Forty units (resubmission of PA21/05008) PA22/06139 Aura Power Developments Penhale Moor PA22/10476 S106 W1/08-0613 Hayle Harbour North Quay