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PA14/02920 Hayle Rugby Club by Walker Developments

Outline application with some matters reserved for proposed development of up to 15,539 sq.m. (gross) retail development (A1/A3), associated infrastructure, access arrangements, servicing, parking and landscaping. | Hayle Rugby Club 10 Marsh Lane Hayle Cornwall TR27 5HX

190801 | John Bennett reports - As of August 2019, the outline consent for PA14/02920 has expired

August 2019

Via John Bennett's Hayle.Net site

Outline planning consent for PA14/02920 at Hayle Rugby Club by Walker Developments was granted on 19 November 2015. It was stated that this project would be moving ahead quickly. It is important that it does so that the Loggans Moor roundabout can be upgraded and projects that already have consent can move forward. The counter below shows the number of days since award of planning consent.  read more »

160727 | PA14 02920-Outline Planning Permission-1665897

PA14_02920-Site_Access-3146261.14165 Detail
PA14_02920-Loggans_Roundabout_Works-2814638.14165 Detail


Cornwall Council  read more »

Rugby Club Development - Walker Developments PA14 02920

Rival Hayle retail park plans revealed by developer

Walker Developments have a development planned for Hayle Rugby Club

Walker Developments is seeking planning permission for a 100,000sq ft development including up to ten retail units at the current Hayle Rugby Club ground, as well as creating a new £4.5m sports facility at Carwin Rise.  read more »

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