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PA21/02265 Land North West Of 13 Riverside

WITHDRAWN: PA21/02265 | Outline planning permission: Construction Dwelling House | Land North West Of 13 Riverside

Application number:  PA21/02265 - Withdrawn

Town And Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended)
Town And Country Planning (General Development Procedure) (England) Order
Confirmation of Withdrawn Application
Outline planning permission with all matters reserved: Construction of Dwelling
House and Associated Works
Land North West Of 13
TR27 5JD

CORNWALL  COUNCIL,  hereby  confirms  that  the  above  mentioned  application  has  been

DATED:  1 November 2021



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210805 | Flooding report Riverside - EDS 2021 | Updated | via PA21/02265

Mitigation Measures
Access and Egress - Riverside
Fluvial Flood Extents
Fluvial Flood Extents plus 50%
Schematic overview of the model including a background LiDAR terrain model.

J-1760 Flood Risk Assessment – New Dwelling 13 Riverside Angarrack

Engineering and Development Solutions Ltd

Flooding report Riverside - EDS 2021

An assessment was made of the Angarrack Stream culvert capacity based on its dimensions and gradient when considering likely inlet and outlet levels from LiDAR data. The capacity was determined to be approximately 9m3/s.  read more »

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