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2014 | Future of Mobile Library service

Now that the consultation period on the future of the Mobile Library service has ended there doesn't yet seem to be any official news but I did find this:


... Cornwall Mobile Library Service was today (16 Jun 2014 discussed at the Partnerships Portfolio Advisory Committee. People can see the full papers on the Cornwall Council website by following the links to Council and Democracy and then meetings. [Editor's note - minutes from that meeting NOT YET AVAILABLE (24-Jun-2014)

... 2,600 people responded to the consultation and these made clear that the Mobile Library Service is much valued by those who use it

... The results of the survey caused the Officers to come up with a new 3rd option for the committee to consider and that was keeping one mobile library van for those areas least served by a static library or other community facilities that might support a community library service. I spoke in favour of this option but did not have a vote (I am not a member of the committee) but the vote, very narrowly went in favour of the 2nd option, to do away with all mobile library vans.

... The decision is not made because the recommendation of scrapping the mobile library vans will go to Cabinet and they will make a recommendation to Full Council. Adam Paynter, the Cabinet member responsible for the Library Service has indicated that the mobile library vans will not disappear until the end of the financial year to allow time to put other provision in place.


Consultation Information


"Proposals on recommendations to replace the Council’s existing mobile library and mobile one stop services with a range of community based initiatives will go out for a 12 week public consultation from Monday 03 February 2014.

Cornwall Council cabinet member for partnerships Adam Paynter said: “The existing mobile service is facing a 50% budget cut and we are undertaking this 12 week consultation on plans to potentially cease the mobile library and mobile one stop shop service, replacing it with a number of community based initiatives. We want the views of service users and partners as we consult on the possibility of delivering these services in a different way.”

The Mobile Services Consultation is available online and the Council will also be attending Community Network meetings across Cornwall to discuss proposals with communities, members and Parish/Town Councils.

A hard copy of the consultation questionnaire will also be available in the mobile library and mobile one stop vans as well as at the static libraries and one stop shops and will ask if you currently use the mobile services; what do you think of the services and will ask for your opinion on whether you think the services could be delivered in a different way."