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A30 Carland Cross to Chiverton - Chiverton junction

A30 Chiverton to Carland Cross Consultation booklet 29 January - 12 March 2018

New junction built on 2 levels located north east of the existing roundabout, maintaining connections to A390 (Truro), A3075 (Newquay), B3277 (St Agnes) and local services. The old roundabout would be removed


Section A – Chiverton Cross junction to Chybucca


What we propose

  1.      At the western end of the scheme, the new dual carriageway would connect to the existing dual carriageway west of the existing Chiverton Cross junction.
  2.     In order to separate traffic travelling east or west on the new dual carriageway from local traffic, for example accessing the A390 (Truro), A3075 (Newquay) or B3277 (St Agnes), we are proposing a new 2 level junction to replace the existing roundabout.
  3.     The new junction would be located away from the existing A30. This allows us to keep traffic moving in this area during construction.
  4.     The existing A30 to the east of the new Chiverton Cross junction would be retained as a parallel side road for local traffic. This and the other side roads would be realigned to join the new junction roundabout. The side roads and the junction roundabout would be operated by Cornwall Council as the local highway authority.
  5.     The new dual carriageway would continue to the east of the new junction and stay to the north of the existing A30 towards the new Chybucca junction.
  6.     The existing Chiverton Cross roundabout would be removed.
  7.     A range of environmental mitigation measures, including possible multi-species crossings, woodland planting, new Cornish hedgerows and low noise surfacing, are also proposed in this section. More details can be found on the Draft Environmental Master Plans. See page 26 for more details of how to view these plans.

Chiverton Two Level junction

Chiverton Two Level junction
Chiverton Two Level junction aligned NS