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Circular Walk OS Explorer 102/103 Angarrack - Trungle - Gwinear Church - Bezurrell – Wall – Rosewarne -Gwinear School – Lanyon –

As reported in The Hayle Pump October 01, 2012


Circular Walk OS Explorer 102/103 Angarrack - Trungle - Gwinear Church - Bezurrell – Wall – Rosewarne -Gwinear School – Lanyon – Polkinghorne – Coldharbour – Angarrack. 4.91 miles

Easy, some climbing stiles, hilly
Bus No 39 hourly Mon to Sat
Time: 2¼ hours
Car Parking: Angarrack – on road
Start: Grist Lane
Refreshments: Angarrack Inn, Angarrack, TR27 5JB 01736 752380
Standard Inn, Gwinear Church Town, TR27 5JL 01736 850080

Head down the lane and over the crossroads into Riverside Lane following lane by the stream.

A finger post indicates the footpath going towards Trungle Mill and the cottage above the Mill buildings. Pass in front of the cottage and continue a climb up the lane to Trungle Farm. You will see Coldharbour and your later route to your left.

Just before the farmyard, there is a stile in the wall. Climb over into field and follow the hedge to the next stile. From here, you will see Gwinear Church, and continue along the hedges, over the stiles, until you come to the Gwinear – Hayle road. Turn left, past the Church of St Winnear.

Just past the Church on the way to Gwinear Churchtown, you will see a metal gate with a granite stile on your right. This leads up Parsons Lane, over a field and onto a path across the mine waste area to a field above Bezurrel Farm. Once in this field, turn right and then left at the end of the field to pass in front of the farm. Continue along the farm track until you come to the Reawla- Gwinear road. Go straight across and follow the path towards Lower Goneva Farm on your right . You will come on to their lane by the Carpenters Shop. On the left, just over the stile, you can see the village well, now largely overgrown and boarded over.

You are now in Wall. From Wall walk up the road towards Carnhell Green.

Turn left at Michigan Villas up the lane towards the farm. Bear right before the farmyard and join the School footpath across three fields to Gwinear School.

Go straight across the road and down the tarmac lane towards Lanyon Manor.

Go round in front of the Manor and farm buildings and you will see a stile.

Follow the hedge, over another stile, and across the middle of the field until you come to Polkinghorne Manor lane. Take the lane, through a gateway to the Manor. Past the Manor the lane becomes very stoney and has a stream by it.

Continue until you get to the bottom where one track leads up the hill, and another rather muddy one which leads off to the left. On the right is a small hut where on a still day you can hear the ram pump working.

Take the lower track until you go through a gateway. Turn left and you will see a stile in the hedge down the hill. Over the stile and then right along the hedge and through the middle of some derelict buildings over a further stile, sometimes with an electric Fence on the other side, and diagonally across the field to a gateway with another stile. You may hear the trains in the embankment up to your right. The lane joins Back Lane which runs by houses and under the viaduct to join Steamers Hill where turning left you will find the Angarrack Inn, before returning to Grist Lane. Kindly

Donated by Guy Broughton