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Council to reverse Lelant one-way system that caused traffic chaos

By CMJohannaCarr | Posted: September 22, 2016


The one-way system at Lelant is set to be reversed.

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The one-way system at Lelant which has caused chaos for motorists and tailbacks of up to a mile is set to be reversed.

The B3301 in Lelant by Saltings Reach, between Scarlet Wines and the Old Quay House, was changed into a one-way system to include a cycle path earlier this year.

Soon after the changes came into effect concerns were raised and the new system was described as an "accident waiting to happen".

Cornwall Council responded to criticism by saying that it would monitor the system and then by introducing a slip road next to Wyevale Garden Centre to create two lanes between the road and the St Erth Roundabout.

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Now the Council has said its summer traffic monitoring has shown that the system does cause delays in the afternoons peak travel time.

Motorists and residents have complained about the tailbacks at Lelant.

A spokeswoman for the local authority said the initial traffic modelling was presented at a meeting last week to local Cornwall councillors as well as councillor Bert Biscoe,the portfolio holder for transport and that several options were discussed and the impact each would have on the flow of traffic was considered.

It was decided that the one-way system should be reversed, with traffic flowing from Griggs Quay to Hayle, as it was hoped that this would help reduce traffic flow issues and not have a detrimental impact on the main A30.

Councillor Liz Penhaligon, who represents Lelant and Carbis Bay, said she was pleased with the outcome. Dozens of people recently called for her resignation at a public meeting to discuss the problems at Lelant for "approving the disastrous projects", however she said she had not approved them.

Bert Biscoe, Cornwall Council's portfolio holder for transport.

Of this week's decision, she said: "I know that local residents were worried that their concerns were not being heard, however myself and other local councillors have worked alongside officers, who have collected evidence throughout the summer which supports residents' concerns, to find a solution which I am confident will improve the traffic congestion. I welcome this move by Cornwall Council. "

The shared use path, which forms part of the South West Coast Path and National Cycle Network, will remain unchanged.


  • POStIves  |  September 24 2016, 3:44PM

    Just hope reversing the traffic flow again doesn't cost a fortune, as so much money has been wasted on this venture already.

    |   1
  • break  |  September 22 2016, 4:38PM

    The portfolio holder for Cornish failiure's must be busy this year,as must the portfolio holder for senseless projects, the portfolio holder for squandering money and the portfolio holder for doing stuff to make it appear as if the council is doing something in Cornwall Council palace.

    |   33
  • mr_robot  |  September 22 2016, 3:52PM

    More incompetence from the Council who brought you such classics as £100k trees that died in less than a year.

    |   16
  • Marklondon  |  September 22 2016, 2:49PM

    My mother and stepdad, together with the rest of the Birdies Cafe clientele, will be delighted!

    |   12
  • cobbydaler  |  September 22 2016, 12:47PM

    Everyone knew this was a problem but this was Cornwall Council's comment in July "A spokeswoman from the local authority said wide-scale monitoring of traffic in Lelant had determined that it would be beneficial to do some "minor" widening of the road on the approach to the junction of Nut Lane and the A30 to provide two lanes there" This is a major backtracking

    |   14
  • cobbydaler  |  September 22 2016, 12:41PM

    The problem this highlights is the computer models used by nearly every consultants is flawed and future transport infrastructure "improvements" have a high chance of a similar outcome(delays)


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