A Crantock bar will be keeping its Covid-19 safety measures after 'Freedom day' in an attempt to keep staff and guests safe.

Despite restrictions easing on July 19, The Bowgie Inn in Crantock will be keeping many of its COVID measures in place as it wants to continue to put the safety of its visitors, staff and community first.

Sally Pickles, director of The Bowgie, said: "First and foremost, the safety of everyone at The Bowgie is our top priority.

"We’ll be doing everything we can to ensure everyone’s safety once restrictions are lifted, which means maintaining as many of our COVID measures as possible.

"We are concerned about the lifting of Government restrictions, and equally strong in our desire to keep our measures in place; not only to keep everyone safe, but to give us the best possibility of staying open throughout the rest of the summer season, and indeed the rest of the year.

Current measures in place at The Bowgie Inn include ordering via The Bowgie Inn App, table service which limits customers walking around unnecessarily, a one way system around the venue, a cashless payment system set up via PayPal or card payments, a maximum of six people per booking and booking visits via The Bowgie’s website, which can only be made seven days in advance or less.

Sally continued: "We really like the procedures we have here at The Bowgie right now.

"They make us feel safe and allow us to work as comfortably as we can during these challenging times, so our measures such as the table service, ordering via the App and essential table booking for up to six people will definitely be maintained after July 19.

"Our staff will continue to wear masks, especially those who work in front-of-house and reception, and we’ll be encouraging our visitors to also continue wearing masks around the venue when they’re not seated at a table."

The Bowgie Inn will be having t-shirts made in order to specifically remind their visitors to stay safe and act respectfully of staff members.

The t-shirts will have an acronym of S.A.F.E printed on the front, which stands for Stay Seated, App Ordering, Feel Safe and Enjoy the View!

The inn will also be adding new signs to the venue which emphasise the COVID measures they’ll be maintaining.

The signs will be placed on the front gate, in the car park, at the entrance and in the foyer of The Bowgie, in an attempt to ensure the message is clear to all.

"We know how disappointing it can be to arrive at a pub and realise there are certain procedures in place that you weren’t aware of, especially in these uncertain times where many hospitality venues are enforcing different measures that are unique to them.

"This is why we really want to do our best to make the message clear before customers even enter the premises, hence the new signs that will be clearly displayed outside the venue.

"Unfortunately, last summer was quite a difficult time for the The Bowgie, where our team experienced some unkind and disrespectful behaviour - even though they were only following the rules! "Whilst the majority of our visitors are always so understanding and patient, we can’t allow this to happen again, so really hope our clear signs, t-shirts and notices on our social media and our website will help.

"We’re even contemplating employing some security guards during the peak, busy times to take the pressure off of our team.

"It’s been a rollercoaster of a time during the past 18 months for so many and, whilst we fully understand the desire and longing to get back to ‘normal,’ ultimately, everyone’s safety must come first.

"We’re proud to stand by this.”