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200603 | Gordon Ramsay reported to Devon & Cornwall Police

Gordon Ramsay reported to Devon & Cornwall Police

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay has been reported to the Police and the Council’s Enforcement unit for appearing to flout Lockdown rules.

by Milo Perrin

Cornish campaign group Kernow Matters to Us say they have reported Gordon Ramsay to Devon and Cornwall Police and to the Cornwall Council Covid Unit following a Sun newspaper report that apparently showed the chef moving between his London home and his second home in Cornwall.

Gordon Ramsay

KMTU complained to the Police and Council by saying “If true and bearing in mind that this foul mouthed cook appears to flout every law that we are so careful to comply with.. we draw this to your attention in the hope that some formal action may be taken”

The Sun report, from June 1st, says “The journey between his two homes is a long slog with 246 miles by road and a five hour car journey. Gordon made it back to his London townhouse in Wandsworth last week, where he announced the reopening of his restaurant. The 53-year-old kept quiet on how he’d made it from A to B but insisted his lockdown experience had been a “nightmare”.

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This would appear to be a breach of the current Government guidelines:

The guidance on travelling to second homes

A spokesperson for KMTU told us today

“The Covid rules and guidelines are there for us all to comply with, no matter who. They apply to Dominic Cummings, they apply to Gordon Ramsay.

They are there for a purpose and most people in Cornwall have carefully and even meticulously followed them.

If high profile figures are allowed to flout them, then what example does this set to the rest of us? We are aware that the authorities in Cornwall have had their hands full with self entitled second home owners and tourists but the laws are there for a reason, to stop the spread of a virus which has so far killed 192 people in Cornwall and infected over 570.”

Devon and Cornwall Police would not confirm or deny the reports.




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