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Presentation June 2013 - Hayle Harbour Trust | Focus Group at Passmore Edwards

12 June 2013. Presentation to Friends of Hayle Harbour Trust
Trust members presented the Trust's plans and ideas at a
meeting of the Friends of the Trust at the Passmore Edwards Institute.
There was much support, lots of questions and many excellent ideas
expressed during the question and answer session. You can download a
copy of the presentation by clicking below.


Hayle Harbour Trust, Ltd.

Past, Present and Future

Hayle Harbour Aerial view

The History

  • Since before De Savary, attempts have been made to gain local control of the harbour.
  • When ING took control (through default, not acquisition) plans started flowing. These were mostly ill - conceived, harmful to Hayle and without any benefits to anyone except the developer.
  • By 2008, ING started getting strong resistance from Hayle’s Penwith District Councillors.
  • When their outline planning consent was granted, a few concessions had been achieved – such as repair of the South Quay walls.
  • When Hayle became the object of a ‘supermarket war’, ING realised the potential of a supermarket on South Quay – not part of their master plan.
  • The Hayle Residents Association called a meeting and the outcome was the creation of The Friends of Hayle Harbour, which I chaired.
  • The goal was the creation of a Trust that could take over control of some or all of the harbour.
  • The Trust was created in April 2010.
  • It became a charity in September 2012.

The Objects of the Trust

  • To maintain and operate the harbour facilities at Hayle harbour in Cornwall.
    The promotion for the benefit of the public of urban or rural regeneration in the socially and economically deprived area of West Cornwall, in particular the area of Hayle, by all or any of the following means:
    • the preservation of buildings or sites of historic or architectural importance and in particular the World Heritage Site of Hayle Harbour;
    • the protection or conservation of the environment;
    • the maintenance, improvement or provision of public amenities;
    • the provision of recreational facilities for the public at large or those who by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or dis abl ement, financial hardship or social and economic circumstances, have need of such facilities
    • the creation of training and employment opportunities by the provision of workspace, buildings, and/or land for use on favour able terms;
    • the relief of unemployment by the provision of education, training and re - training opportunities and work experience.
  • The advancement of amateur sport for the public benefit by the provision and maintenance of facilities for water sports.
  • The advancement of health or the saving of lives for the public benefit by the maintenance and operation of facilities for training in life saving

The Negotiations

  • Trust members took legal advice (at their own expense) from Bristol-based barristers regarding a Judicial Review. This, together with strong opposition at Strategic Planning, brought ING to the table
  • ING and the Hayle Harbour Trust started to work together to find greater benefits for Hayle
  • We negotiated the transfer of the harbour and land to the community
  • The World Heritage Site Levy was created by ING to help fund a community-run harbour

 The Land - West

 Haye Harbour - The Land - West


Initial Offer - Harbour only (blue)

HHT - The Land - West - Initial offer - Harbour only (blue)

Second offer: Harbour plus quay walls and the Spit plus Initial Offer - Harbour only (blue)

HHT - The Land - West - Initial Offer - Harbour only (blue) plus Second offer: Harbour plus quay walls and the Spit

Third offer: Add East Quay and Lelant Quay plus Initial Offer - Harbour only (blue) plus Second offer: Harbour plus quay walls and the Spit plus

HHT - The Land - West - Initial Offer - Harbour only (blue) plus Second offer: Harbour plus quay walls and the Spit plus Third offer: Add East Quay and Lelant Quay

Final offer: Beaches and additional land plus Initial Offer - Harbour only (blue) plus Second offer: Harbour plus quay walls and the Spit plus Third offer: Add East Quay and Lelant Quay

HHT - The Land - West - Initial Offer - Harbour only (blue) plus Second offer: Harbour plus quay walls and the Spit plus Third offer: Add East Quay and Lelant Quay Final offer: Beaches and additional land

The Land - East

HHT - The Land - East



What are we doing now? HHT - Railway Bridge and Sand Drag

  • Signed a ‘Stewardship Agreement’ for the Wharves Branch Line
  • Agreed a strategy for the development of East Quay
  • Applied for a £1.6 million grant from the Coastal Communities Fund – creating 60 direct quality jobs and 120 indirect jobs
  • Preparing a Business Plan and Long - Term Strategy for the harbour
  • Working with ING to find a sustainable funding strategy for community operation of the harbour and land 









HHT - Hawkins Building on Easy Quay - Current employment ~ 3

HHT - Hawkins Building on East Quay After Refurbishment - Employment > 60

HHT - Hawkins Building on East Quay - Interior After Refurbishment


Our Vision

  • To restore, maintain and develop Hayle Harbour for the benefit of all users.
  • To create and support sustainable employment and to assist in the regeneration of a deprived area of Cornwall.
  • To provide restoration and stewardship of the historic and natural environment within and surrounding the Harbour area


Our Masterplan Goals

  • Sustainable fishing fleet
  • Crab, molluscs and lobsters wholesale
  • In - town fish processing
  • East Quay dedicated to fishing
  • A mussel processing unit
  • Mussel farming in the estuary
  • Wet fish shop
  • Fish cafe/restaurant
  • Training rooms for the training of fisherman and other seafarers
  • Demonstration fish kitchen (possibly linked to the promotion and teaching of fish cooking)
  • Preserve the old Harbour office (linked to training and Cornwall College)


  • Cockle Bank will become a new quay with safe, dry storage 
  • Fishermen’s lofts on Cockle Bank
  • New tourists’/shoppers’ car park
  • New rail car park providing improved access to the town
  • Shared - use deep freezers
  • Shared - use cold storage • Refuelling facilities
  • Large ice plant • Fish hoists
  • Pontoons
  • Water sports centre on Dynamite Quay
  • Ferry for coastal foot path and water taxi
  • Ferry to St Ives


  • 3 to 4 new workshops
  • New offices
  • New command centre for Harbour berthing master and security staff
  • Water and fuel bunkering
  • Changing rooms, showers and toilets for Harbour users
  • Waste disposal
  • Secure storage for marine - related supplies, such as salt
  • Disabled - accessible path down the spit • Restore low water foot crossing to Lelant
  • Deep - water mooring/marina will be facilitated by the provision of a lock gate on Penpol Creek
  • Through sluicing, dredging and proper management, the depth of the channel will be increased and entrance to the port made more predictable and safe
  • Become a centre of excellence for the fishing industry: from fish rearing to consumption, all based in Hayle and providing a variety of good, sustainable jobs
  • Refurbish the spit to:
    • re - establish the dune habitat and increase the nesting and safe night resting for winter migrating flocks
    • create a beach up to blue flag standards with safe, shallow, sandy pools for local families and disabled users
    • provide, for summer, a small refreshment centre
    • provide, for winter, new hides for bird watchers
    • car parking for disabled and families landscaped by new dunes and replanting of native shrubs (such as the petal wort )
  • Steward heritage sites, including:
    • restoring the buried Harvey’s Quay behind Carnsew gates
    • operating and maintaining the sluice gates built by Harvey and Co.
    • maintaining listed structures such as the harbour walls
    • providing interpretation such as the role played by the Spit in the D - Day invasions and a memorial to the US troops lost in the process


Who Are We?
•John Bennett
•Clive Polkinghorne
•Robb Lello
•Andrew George
•Tim Clarke
•Sal MacKean
More details on
Proposal For The Future
•Trustees will be selected based on skills needed to operate the harbour and land
•Control will be via the membership of the trust
•It is proposed that the existing stakeholder group – the Hayle Harbour Advisory Committee (HHAC) – will become the members


HHT - Trust Management and Control

Hayle Harbour Advisory Committee

  • Hayle Town Council
  • Hayle Town Clerk
  • St Ives Town Council
  • Harbour Master
  • Hayle Fisherman's Association
  • Cornwall Council Maritime Environment Officer
  • Cornwall Council Ward Members
  • Cornwall Council Community Network Manager
  • Wave Hub
  • RSPB
  • Hayle Fishermen’s Association
  • Save our Sands
  • Devon and Cornwall Police
  • Hayle Commercial Boat Owners
  •  Hayle Harbour Users' Association
  • Natural England
  • South West Water
  • Hayle Chamber of Commerce
  • Environment Agency


  • The consultation will be about how the harbour and land is transferred to a community body.
  • We think there are three options:
    • Hayle Harbour Trust, Ltd.
    • A new trust or community interest company
    • Cornwall Council (Harbour only, not land)
  • Hayle Harbour Trust is a company limited by guarantee, is a registered charity, has a bank account and is ready to go. 


What We Need

  • Your support in making it clear during the consultation that Hayle Harbour Trust is the right body to run Hayle’s harbour for the community
  • Your feedback telling us what you want for your harbour and how you want it managed
  • Your skills
What Do You Need?HHT What Do You Need
• You can tell us now, by
email or on Facebook

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