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130207 | 196 REPORTS FROM OTHER BODIES/WORKING PARTIES/EVENTS Regarding the Towans Partnership |



Regarding the Towans Partnership it was reported that there was soil erosion at the entrance to the National Trust land at Godrevy, which was so bad that closure was becoming a possibility.
It was reported that periodically Cornwall Council fences off some of the land at Mexico Towans and puts ponies in it to eat roots and make effective the clearing of the scrub. The fences we re only to keep ponies in, not to keep people out and would not be there for long.
There was also a Towans Partnership meeting regarding funding for a feasibility study into the possible future employment of a Towans Ranger. It was stated that Hayle should naturally benefit because of its holiday camps. It was a positive meeting, although no money was forthcoming from Gwinnear - Gwithian. Kate Biljon was going to fill in application forms for a grant from the Community Trust an d is hopeful of obtaining £10,000. Other agencies, such as Cornwall Butterfly Conservation Group, are also going to be approached with the hope of securing additional financial contributions. The issue of logos was touched upon.
It was reported that there had been a Local Network meeting where updated plans of the new fire station, training room and ambulance hub were available for view. It was reported that Deputy Chief Fire Officer Paul Walker would attend a Council meeting to present drawings of the new fire station. These we re to go to strategic planning, but it was thought that permission would be given by June 2013 and work should start in July. Two unisex toilet cubicles would be moved to the library, accessible from outside the building. It was reported that there would be a Hayle Town Framework meeting on 27 February at 7.30pm with Marcus Healan. The Clerk agreed to inform Councillors by email. She reported that the meeting would be informal and closed. Regarding CCTV it was reported that correspondence had been received which contained information that Remploy had put it s CCTV element of its business (currently in profit) on the market. Representatives from the six towns in West Cornwall had met and agreed to say they would be willing to commit to March 31st 2014, subject to Remploy’s ability to carry out the contract. Remploy had guaranteed to continue for the next six months and the Clerk had asked if this guarantee could be extended to nine months. It was reported that the works to Footpath 51 had been completed. Unfortunately it was the case that a t each end, particularly the Eastern end, there was a gap between the fencing and the barrier, which may be large enough to allow motorcycles and/or horses. It was also stated that there was a need for a litter pick to clear the area of rubbish. Concerns were expressed that mopeds may already have caused damage to the surface of the footpath, but it was stated that this ‘damage’ was due to a lack of rain and would disappear with the first rain. There were some complaints that the edges were not as straight as they could be, but it was explained that this would have come at an additional cost. Most members of the public who had expressed an opinion were very happy with the new look of the path. There were some concerns that the vegetation had been cut back very harshly, but it was felt that it would grow back in one season and the harsh cutting had been a necessary evil. It was reported that old access point s to the river path had been re - used and there was a need to find some way to try to stop the use of this access point and those at the four edges of the bridge. It was reported that Vaughn Robins of Natural England had been told that this use of old access points could not be prevented without gating and fencing. It was resolved to ask Richard Olds to get the barriers extended to close the footpath to motorcycles. It was reported that Ann Preston - Jones of English Heritage had been very supportive of everything that had been done. It was reported that it would be necessary to put up signs regarding cycling on the footpath, although it was not known how these would be paid for. No financial contribution from Sustrans had been made available and therefore Hayle Town Council was reluctant to cooperate with them so readily in future unless some contribution, such as payment for cycle signage, was forthcoming, especially as it had been Sustrans that had wanted to make the footpath into a dual use foot/ cycle path. It was resolved to write to Simon Murray of Sustrans to request that Sustrans pay for the necessary signage, bearing in mind that the footpath was made a cycle path at their request.

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