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NEWS | John Bennett's Web Site for Hayle Town Council Issues, Cornwall | Feb 2011

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11 February 2011. The Cornwall Council Strategic Planning Committee was unconvinced by ING's plans for a supermarket on South Quay and voted to defer for five months.

02 February 2011. The planning officer's recommendations to the Strategic Planning Committee is now available. Click here to download.

ING South Quay:

13. Recommendation:
13.1 That the matter is delegated to the Head of Planning and Regeneration to approve the proposal subject to:
13.2 The satisfactory completion of negotiations to include additional conditions where appropriate, in respect of the following details:-

  • Design.
  • Delivery of the cinema.
  • Matters arising from Environmental Statement update
  • Conclusion of all Heads of Terms for the Section106 Agreement.

Morrisons/Jewsons Site:

Recommendation: Refusal

ASDA/Rugby Ground:

Recommendation: Refusal

Sainsbury/Marsh Lane:

Recommendation: Refusal