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150714 | Causeway Hayle to Lelant discussions via Facebook


  • John Carne what happend to the ferry ??
  • Graham Coad A couple of attempts failed John, didn't make enough money to be viable I think.
  • John Carne would it not lead to silting up of that part of the estuary ??
  • Graham Coad It could be built over pipes which allowed a free flow of water under it.......
  • Chris Wolstencroft A great idea if possible without affecting anyone.
    I was only discussing with a number of people at Hayle Celebration Day that the town doesn't make enough of itself eg limited use of copperhouse pool etc. I know Ocean high Sup club have started to use the area and this potential causeway would improve and create access to other areas that can be used by the community.
  • John Carne i think useing pipes could be dangerous just like the tunnels to carnsew pool
  • Peter F Clemo The pipes aren't the danger ... it's the idiots who put themselves in the pipes...
  • Kingy Quick For some reason I have a feeling Hayle residents are being treated like mushrooms
  • Ken Townend Great idea. As long as it does not spoil the weir for swimming.
  • Ken Townend Do you mean from the end of the spit where the seat is, across onto Dynamite Quay. Or the yellow line?
  • Kingy Quick Well Kate Abbott like mushrooms kept in the dark & feed shit. I feel like there is a bigger picture but needs to be put in to place bit by bit as if the big picture was shown people would say no but bit by bit till its gone to point of no return. Don't know why just . You know. Don't mean just on this project
  • Gail Willis would this be a footpath or for vehicles?
  • Kate Abbott I understood the mushroom bit, just wanted to know what your suspishens were!
  • Graham Coad Ken, Roughly the route of the GREEN line, probably along the bank that defines Cock Pool, (possibly improving Cock Pool depth slightly??)

    Gail I have only heard it referred to for pedestrians.
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  • Graham Coad There's no hidden agenda Kingy, there have been several suggestions for short cuts to Lelant area made over the years, but this is traditional, "Low Tech" and would not hinder navigation by boats when the tide is in.

    It would make ASDA the nearest sho
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  • Gail Willis Graham interesting idea smile emoticon
  • Fiona Williams But will that emerge on the golf course?
  • Graham Coad It would hit the lane first, part of the Coastal Footpath and a pedestrian right of way.
  • Kingy Quick Firstly people of lelant won't risk walking over to Asda do shopping & what hope tide not in get bus or train back really don't think so the only thing that is good for is golf course /badger /nice walk & that's if tidy is right. Rather see the money for that do clean /tide up Hayle make her glem as the little gem in Cornwall is could be
  • Kate Abbott Surely it wouldn't be that much different than the people from Phillack who walk across the black bridge to the Co-op for a paper and fags etc
  • Graham Coad Kate, more like the 'steppystones' path across from behind the Copperhouse shops.
  • Kingy Quick As it would benefit the people of lelant & give them a shop in walking distance perhaps you could get them to fund it as we gain let me see nothing we all ready got. Spend our money on our town please
  • Graham Coad Lelant has no shops Kingy, the path would be dry for many hours each day, and there is a possibility for casual shopping in Hayle in OUR shops and businesses. We have invited St Ives Mayor to take a look at the idea too.
  • Kingy Quick They lost the shop/post office by not using them. Carbis bay then st lives around the corner internet home delivery. Less need now adays then ever but if you think it's the right thing & it will help our shops then I can only say go ahead lets see . As a good man with Hayle in your heart & not someone that wants to line your pockets I will trust you but I still think its pointless . Sorry commonsense make's me maybe overthink things sometimes


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