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210401 | Old Cornwall Society Memorial Plaque | Hayle Pump 155 April/May 2021

Flowers and a plaque were placed down on the King George V Memorial Walk on Tuesday 23rd March at 1 o'clock, exactly 12 months after lockdown, in memory of all those who have died in Cornwall with the Covid infection, the person who set this up was Christine Hancock, with Julie Smitheram, Jenny Button, Sue Maxfield, and Penny Williams, who between them made all the flowers. Our three groups gave them the financial support for the plaque and we have purchased a tree as well, so the memory of all who died lives on.


From Hayle Pump1 April 2021

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23 March at 06;58
Made by Hayle Old Cornwall Society,and Hayle Art Society members, has been placed at King George V memorial walk Hayle today