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Spotted in The Cornishman Thursday, October 24 2013

Angarrack homes 'would breach buffer zone'

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Cornishman

PROPOSALS for a small housing scheme near Angarrack could see development take place on land which residents were promised would remain a green buffer zone.

The plans for three two-storey houses at Grist Lane were unveiled by ADA Architects at a meeting of Hayle Town Council last week.

The area falls under a Section 106 agreement that no more development should be allowed to take place on the land.

Cranford Developments, which owns the land, recently submitted plans for a 90,000sq ft shopping park in the surrounding area, but said the wildlife site, including the green buffer zone would be protected.

The buffer zone is the only separation between Angarrack and the industrial estate.

Designer Bill Leddington-Hill, who presented the details to town councillors, said that there were measures in place to make up for the reduced green area.

"We would extend the managed wildlife site buffer zone and make it a Section 106 agreement. Cranford agreed to provide a pedestrian link all the way through to the shops. There would be extra car parking for the church," he said.

In conjunction with Cranford Developments, the company has agreed that a footpath will run through the area leading to the new shopping development.

The footpath would be built in part of the existing green buffer area.

The three or four-bedroom residential properties would be built into the site on two levels, due to the level difference of the ground.

Town councillor Brian Capper, who lives in Angarrack, said there would be a lot of opposition to the plans from people in the village.

"If this comes in planning, there will be a lot of opposition to it.

"The buffer zone would be about half the size it is at present," he said.

"No one has approached us to see whether we want it or not. The footpath will be of no benefit whatsoever."

The plans for Grist Lane are in the initial stages and have not yet been submitted to Cornwall Council for review.

Mr Leddington-Hill admitted that part of the proposals relied on Cranford Developments being granted planning permission for the site, as they would be responsible for implementing the footpath.

The proposals submitted by Cranford Developments will be discussed by Cornwall Council on Wednesday, November 27.