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Hayle Town Council objects: against Policy SD5 HNP PA19/08727 | Outline planning permission: Construction up to three dwellings

Hayle Town Council


Comment Date: Fri 22 Nov 2019

Hayle Town Council objects on the grounds that:
This development is against Policy SD5 part i and part vi of the Hayle Neighbourhood Plan. The site is on the north side of Back Lane and this location is rural in character and as such is different in character to the south of Back Lane which is more developed and residential in appearance. It is considered that while there is a dwelling to the east this is a detached dwelling that is visibly outside of the developed area, as such it is considered that the site would not be suitable for additional dwellings as it is not bordered on three sides by existing development. Hayle Town Council is also concerned about the loss or reduction of significant structures.
This development is against policy SD2 part vii of the Hayle Neighbourhood Plan. The development would lead to the loss of a historic rookery and biodiversity of the area.
The development is against policy NE3 and NE8 of the Hayle Neighbourhood Plan. The proposal impacts on the natural environment and the removal of cornish hedges is a major concern.